Ukraine ‘likely’ behind strikes in Sudan, Ukrainian military source says

Ukrainian special services were likely behind a series of drone strikes and a ground operation directed against a Wagner-backed militia near Sudan’s capital, a CNN investigation has found, raising the prospect that the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spread far from the frontlines. #CNN #News

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  1. 3
    Daniel Martin

    Considering Wagner is officially a terrorist organization now, the gloves are off and any western nation with the impetus to do so can strike them at will. The optics of those western nations tacking such an undertaking are important factors, though.

    Media should be careful in making it a point to highlight connections to the Kremlin with Wagner reports, it should remain an open secret as its best for all that way

  2. 6
    Colin Davis

    Ah of course, the US isn't just utilizing Ukraine's Army in Ukraine, it's now carrying their proxy puppet force into other nations as well, seems the US has it's own personal slave Army…!!! Needless to say folks, WW3 has already begun, it's gonna get hot…!!!

  3. 9
    Marco Muniz

    If true good on them, Payback is a bit*h. It could also be a false flag in order for Russia to get backing from Sudan to help in their war to take over Ukraine.

  4. 11

    There is no reason on Earth why the West couldn't rain down the RSF with non-attributable precision munitions. I mean, fighting evil is a good thing.

  5. 13

    Really! Your evidence is a commercial drone with a Ukrainian text on it! Wow! Amazing what a great investigating work! You should go back to elementary school.

  6. 14
    Vote to Count

    For 4 years Trump and Republicans sucked up to Russia and China! Russia has an economy built around oil, gas, and corruption! Ukraine will never be free of Russia, nor any other country attached to Russia! The Putin Puppets, Trump, Republicans, and Fox own the death and destruction in the Ukraine!

    Russia Faces Global Outrage

  7. 27
    Oromticha Oromia

    Only USA has the ability for such like ng distances strike.Its hard for you to say that but you can't keep your mouth coz you used to gossips.Anyway,we don't need Wagner in Africa,😎

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