UAW local president warns of ‘more strikes’ if things don’t improve

UAW Local 14 President Tony Totty joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss the latest news emerging from their strike against three major automakers. #foxbusiness

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  1. 8

    JB has no business sticking his nose into UAW negotiations. Just one more reason why JB needs to be removed from the WH.

  2. 12
    Scrap Dog

    Fire all those auto workers and train new ones it will be worth it to get rid of those entitled union workers that you have now. They are costing us all to pay for there entitlements

  3. 14
    CC Chodkowski

    The union’s are working with the government. The government gives subsidies to EV’s to sell them cheaper then the government stops oil drilling to raise the price of fuel now the union is working to raise the price of ICE vehicles. They are pulling out all the stops to make people buy EV’s.

  4. 16

    The new CEO of FORD is lying and he's a disgrace to the FORD Brand!!! Henry Ford valued his workers and intentionally made cars that HIS workers could afford!!!

  5. 17
    Jason Wells

    Biden and the Dem's cause super inflation causing unions and workers need to strike for more money. Then they rinse and repeat causing even more inflation. Hurting the poor and needy.

  6. 19
    cita cita

    Greedy auto workers who make junk. No wonder cars fold up like an wallet when accidents accure, they're made with plastic and aluminum!

  7. 20

    (1:10) Sympathetic to this. …
    Don’t like to see temporary and contract workers get strung along and bounced around within the same company, do the same work as permanent employees, but never get offered or converted to a permanent employee position.

  8. 21

    I bought 9 cars in my life already and I never had an American car. 😢 my first car is Toyota corolla, then Camry, then Mazda mpv, bmw, Toyota Tacoma, Honda odyssey Lexus,Porsche, last is Audi. Loved everyone of them.

  9. 22
    Jo S

    the clowns that bought up all the vehicles that were marked up crazy prices and paid market adjustment caused this mess now the workers want in some of the fat cash too can't blame em plus union didn't get their pension, administration ,and health and welfare funding they need so they allowed workers to strike

  10. 23
    dennis moyer

    Americans can't even afford their electric bill, gasoline, diesel or heating oil thanks to this terrible president Biden and his rotten to the core administration.

  11. 25
    Saint Chester

    When Trump was asked whose side he was on in the UAW strike at Ford, he deflected by saying “I’m on the side of America” then rambled on about China. The man who in the run up to the 2016 election promised “100,000 new ‘high-paying’ auto jobs” and said a win for him would be a “victory for the wage-earner, the factory worker, a victory for the everyday citizen – and for all the people whose voice hasn’t been heard.”

  12. 31
    Todd Birman

    Once everything is said and done who is paying for all this it's not GM it's not Chrysler nor is it Ford we the people when we go out and buy a new car.$300,000 to build a car that's kind of ridiculous per person could you imagine how much cars are going to be sold that food for thought

  13. 39
    Dar Truck Repair

    Let them strike, the companies will move elsewhere and all will be out of work. There was a time when unions were needed but thats long ago now its just about money in the pockets. If this happens it will make autos more expensive, nobody will buy one and then everyone will be out of work. Also, If they cant live off of what they make, the need to reduce living expenses, not demand more because they pay to be in a club and blame the government (Biden) for the bad economy and out of control inflation. Think about what you are paying to be at that club. Add that money to the paycheck and I think you will see a raise. I know but so and so make so much…if you want that kind of money go start your own business and pay yourself what you want. Let us know how that works out. This is not rocket science…

  14. 40
    Nonyer bidness

    The auto unions and politicians have been handing our jobs to foreign countries for years. Why stop now. It's impossible to lose such a demanding lead and head start in an industry unless there was cancer from within.

  15. 41

    Please,Please stay on strike long enough to get your replacement AI robots in place!😮😅😊 and were do we get robots from! JOE'S Chinese friends, minus his 10%!😮😅😊

  16. 44
    G. T. R

    Labor cost could hit $300,000 for workers on the floor. No wonder the vehicles on the market are expensive but vehicles should be higher quality! 🤔

    Something is off! Let them strike & recruit Asylum Seekers that enters the proximity.!

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