Trump’s prosecutors are ’watching and taking notes,’ according to this legal expert

Former President Donald Trump acknowledged in a new interview that, despite receiving counsel from multiple people that the 2020 election was not stolen, he pushed ahead anyway with his false claims to try and overturn the results. CNN legal analyst Elie Honig and former deputy director of FBI Andrew McCabe weigh in. #CNN #News

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  1. 1

    A segment of the GOP is becoming a threat to the Republic. They only want chaos and notoriety. Toddler caucus indeed.

  2. 2
    David Bullis

    How is it possible to explain whether he was acting in his role as government agent until the whole criminal conspiracy is explained from the absolute beginning by Jack Smith and the other prosecutor's in they're opening statements ?

  3. 5
    Ellen Lawter

    Good luck! No one can beat this man regardless and its terrifying! He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  4. 6
    Joellen Kuang

    Good luck! No one can beat this man regardless and its terrifying! He sounds like a child pleading to his mother how well behaved he was and such a good boy 💕💖✌💖💕 GOD Bless Everyone 💕💖✌💖💕

  5. 12
    Mark Jennings

    Maybe Trump hasn't been locked up pending trial because the prosecutors know that Trump is going incriminate himself on the airways over and over again ?

  6. 13
    john plemons

    Watch all you want, take all the notes you want. Justice has nothing to do with this. It’s a political hit job, nothing more. The cases are dogs

  7. 19
    Mohsen Jahanbakhsh

    Obama and NY wants to do this hirrible thing again , human less hope for democracy all over the world after this issu , even unholy trump wants to play this game in his itself to continue with politicians! This is unforgetteble issy for poligicians after putin in russia erdogan in turkey salman in arabia khamenei in iran , royal family in half of the world , at last democrats in usa the home of freedom , human lost itself and will lost everything

  8. 24
    khaled gendy

    Violations of criminal law how could someone use this word against the President Trump how can you say on a president he is a criminal

  9. 26

    The DoJ DemocRATs aren’t motivated by facts and evidence as much as a government salary that pays for their hate filled ideology. Vivek Ramaswamy is right about not cutting the head of the snake — his plan is to furlough 70% of our unelected bureaucrats. I’m hoping for a Trump/Ramaswamy ticket to Make America Great Again by keeping America First. We need good CEOs to run our country—they’re perfect b/c they’ve both demonstrated success and a love for country and meritocracy.

  10. 28

    Firstly the Georgia leftists subverted and stole the 2020 election. Democrats have long agreed that mail in ballots were ripe for fraud and the GA legislature knows there were irregularities. In fact, we watched the hearings live with lots of evidence the courts didn’t want to hear. President Trumps opinion was never needed to know the election was rigged.

  11. 32
    T. R. Campbell

    These prosecutors are desperate. Obviously, their case is falling apart, and now they want to prevent him from speaking the truth. We know the Georgia prosecution is steeped in racism because we have a black prosecutor who was raised by a father, who was a prominent black panther member, as well as a member of the student nonviolent coordinating committee.
    This is simply an attempt to influence the next election by keeping the Republican front runner quiet. If the Republicans were doing this, or here would be on fire.

  12. 33
    Randolph Castaneda

    I'm wondering you guys been showing on TikTok assassination of Jennifer Kennedy. Is there a plot going on with Are President Joe Biden? Is there a plot that's going on? And if that's a warning that TikTok or CNN is hinting to the people, it seems that we have a candidate against Joe Biden. To take the presidency away from him. It's weird because this been Going Out for a while and I wanna know if 16 is going on for President. Is juice a candidate that I won't mention that everybody knows that's against? Our President was to take the presidency again. Is this something that people need to watch Over? Cause he might be scared because he will lose again. And Lose the presidency again. Jesus scared that our President will win direction again. I'm just wondering, yeah. Such thing could be going on in setting. In his mind, he looks like the type of person that would do such a threat because he wants to be a dictator and a powerful man in this world. And he knows that it will not happen in the United States of America. We are United S1. We are not United individual. That's what and he knows it. This is my opinion the just want to know is such thing could happen again.

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