Trump was a ‘nuclear monarch’ during his administration says General Milley

During his tenure, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley helped to preserve democracy as the first and only Chairman in history faced with a former President accused of inciting a riot on the Capital. according to The Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg. Goldberg joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss his new cover story, “The Patriot: How General Mark Milley Protected the Constitution from Donald Trump.” “He did a lot of things, General Milley, both domestically and internationally, to make sure that we didn’t have reckless wars,” Goldberg says. Milley and other national security officials “never disobeyed President Trump,” but instead tried to convince him that certain military actions were “a bad idea.” “Let’s not kid ourselves, the President is a nuclear monarch,” Goldberg says. “[It’s] very hard for a Secretary of Defense or senior military leadership to tell the president no, and it might be illegal to tell the president no.”

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  1. 1
    Thomas Hughes

    When the QB is a self centered power hungry fame seeker. The team suffers. That's why Russia was flooding social media with Psychological Operations during the run-up to the 2016 election. Putin just loves it that he helped install a toilet seat on the USA's top office chair.

  2. 8
    John Miranda

    Trump was waiting to hear that Pence, Pelosi, or Schumer was dead so he could declare martial law and remain president indefinitely.

    “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States.”

  3. 9
    Tom So

    this C U L T will elect someone worse than T-man-baby… LIKE his son…. Jr. needs to pardon his father after all.

    in the next few months we will hear DJTJ say some really racist stuff to GET IN GOOD WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY !

  4. 11
    The Rose

    This Tubberville debacle is a direct result of the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. The conservative justices have made the country less safe.

  5. 12
    Peace Now

    We will never live down this bone deep embarrassment by this fool, '45". Never again… and turn off Fox which is poisoning minds to line their pockets.

  6. 15
    Pierce Bales

    And then there's the possibility that if trumpy wanted to fire off a nuke the CJCS could put the president in irons for being dangerously insane. Brute force and the threat of total annihilation are the ultimate authority in and out of government. If they wanted to they could control everything.

  7. 16
    R Keller

    Unless you walk lockstep with criminal defendant 45 he doesn’t “like” you. America was spared destruction by voting out a want-to-be dictator with dyed red hair, lifts and makeup, who rejects democracy. He should be in jail now awaiting trial, rather than America waiting for justice to come? How embarrassing that his former status has kept him out of jail instead of immediately having a trial for his domestic terrorism on J6?

  8. 20

    I wonder…what happened to “in America, you are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law”? Like it or not, this man deserves a fair trial and a right to defend himself. You’ve condemned the man without a trial. You also forget one important detail, like it or not, every citizen has the right to vote for their choice in candidate, so millions of people disagree with your rhetoric. But time will tell. ICYMI Biden is being investigated for treason and selling out America, doesn’t it worry you? If it doesn’t, you’re hypocrites!

  9. 21

    The whole B administration is an absolute dis gr@ce and is being run by lamentable leaders habitual liars. DO NOT be FOOLED into believing this party wants the best for us, THEY DO NOT and cannot be trusted. Open your eyes, America is in decline bc of their failed policies!
    The Rep Party is fighting hard to defeat the corrupt left so America doesn't end up as Socialist/ Marxist country. Trump is fighting for free America! 🙏🏻🇺🇸♥️

  10. 23

    Are they seriously using the 2016 argument of Trump and the nuclear button? Guys he already was president.

  11. 24
    Richard Byrd

    Trump is a nightmare for the USA. Republicans only see the efforts to limit Blacks and Mexicans, but trump is the most dangerous president in American history.

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