Trump shuts down reporter after claim about President Biden

‘Kudlow’ panelists Mollie Hemingway and Gregg Jarrett discuss the evidence against the Biden family and former President Donald Trump’s interview with NBC. #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. 3
    Jimmy Hamm

    No probley about Joe's crimes committed he needs tried for
    "Treason against "Our" Nation.
    Bidens always been a fraud and
    a crook .

  2. 10
    chuck granger

    What morons these people are, they must have Alzheimer’s disease or something. They seem to forget that Trump himself tried to get people investigating him or his allies fired all the time. He made numerous “perfect” phone calls asking for people to do change vote counts, start investigations of his political opponents. Idiots 🤪

  3. 13
    Karen Millikenn

    The reporter would ask Trump a question and before he could answer it, she wanted to cut him off and move on to something else. I loved how Trump handled it and how he stood up for himself. Trump is undoubtably one of the most brilliant and best presidents we have ever had and will have again hopefully. One thing about it, if God wants Trump to win this election coming up, Trump will win and there’s not a thing the democrats or anyone else can do to stop it.

  4. 17
    Viewer X

    Biden is the most squeaky clean politician that ever lived and always has been in his 50 years in politics, he's always been known for his honesty and to hear these people lying about him is sickening.

  5. 19

    The Ukraine Prosecutor, that Biden helped get rid of was embezzling millions of dollars from the Ukrainians and
    Biden said they had to get rid of him before he would allow further aid from the U.S. !!

  6. 25
    Joe Fatalooch

    There needs to be laws against media agencies that openly and knowingly distort factual information. To say there is no evidence of malfeasance is a lie. She and every other news person should be held to standards. Else you have a banana republic.

  7. 26
    JC Palmer

    Katie Couric says she'd have done a better job of going after Trump! Wonder if she'd go after Joe and Hunter Biden as well for money laundering n bribes n extortion?😊

  8. 28
    Kathy Lindsey

    There isn't any evidence of Biden with Hunter Biden. Trump is the one that's lying. It was proven that's ot was proven to be a lie. Ya'll lie!

  9. 29
    David Hornback

    Kristen Welker is biased. I'm not saying she's a bad person but she is like the rest of the talking heads on that network. Listen to some of the other main stream "reporters". They simply read the teleprompter.

  10. 30
    Carlos Montes

    This guy must be dreaming if he think he will be president next year.
    He will be a convicted felon 😢😢.
    Bye bye Trump 😢😢😢😢

  11. 33
    Ray Barefield

    The so called journalist probably had her family held hostage unless she attacked trump. This statement would normally be a Saturday night live joke but sadly it is today's reality. Biden could put all of this to bed. If he would just explain why china,Ukraine, Russia ,Romania, ect put millions of dollars in his family's bank accounts. Is that too much to ask?

  12. 35
    Patricia Nicholas

    Sounding Like fraudulent studies on facts that’s why you are so tired to make money you have to be to make up these things you’re not basing things on facts you’re basing things on what you wanna hear that’s where you are you’re yellow journalist that’s what you are yellow journalist

  13. 36
    Patricia Nicholas

    Why don’t you people learn from
    Our valued and known
    Legitimacy not tied to and power brokers like yourselves. Wat are your salaries from
    Your big corporate scammers of the peopleb

  14. 39
    Nick Lengyel

    No matter who they get for meet the press. They will always get torched by Trump. Besides there brainwashed, NBC and the rest of the msm

  15. 41
    John J

    She's a goofball what a whack job they have her interview Trump who is very very very smart updated on everything that's going on and she just a wacko imbecile liberal whack job why is she interviewing Trump anyway Trump needs people who know the issues really know what's going on like Trump does and mostly summer people are starting to find out but it's too late because of the idiot voters already put these clowns in office and now whatever is in darkness coming out in lightness

  16. 43
    Retired Proprioter

    FOX TRAGIC ATTEMPT – Trump could not defend himself against BIDEN having any connection with his son’s business.
    Neither could the studio presenters come up with nothing but “hearsay”

  17. 48
    Tony MilleBloogiant

    All of you Dems are absolutely drunk oblivious to anything real. Your all in a fantasy topia ! Listening to Trump leaves you so rejuvenated. He is the Best ever !

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