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    I find it funny that with all the deep shit the Bidens are in, you are still LASER FOCUSED only on Trump, 8 years later lol. Its a shame that alot of your viewers will believe in your propaganda. Kinda odd that Biden took illegal $$$ from Ukraine and now here we are sending Ukraine BILLIONS of our tax dollars. They must have some major dirt on the Bidens. Oh well. Its your future.

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    We need angels

    Pelosi should have done her job and sent in extra help. She and Democrats are responsible for the riot and lack of crowd control on Jan 6th. Biden and Democrats rigged the election I am voting for Trump.

  3. 8
    Connie Grant

    You all should know by now that Trump can’t help himself. He is liars’ liar. The truth is a lie to trump. He knows nothing about truth ; his blood runs lies.

  4. 9
    John Smith

    Its true, Nancy Pelosi was mastermind behind January 6. Only those who were there at the time knows what happened. FBI has no way of knowing factual things.

  5. 10
    Black Royal Brand

    Lmao it’s like everybody in this comment section doesn’t know that the house speaker and NOT the president has control over over Capitol police and security measures 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    Crown Uk

    Thats a lie. Trump did activate the national guard on January 3rd and bowser, who reports to Pelosi, refused to request the national guard which is the law

  7. 14
    Jose Rafael

    It’s obvious that the corporate media is in favor of his re-election. Fascists oligarchs use Trump as a frontman to push their agenda…

  8. 15
    jo johns

    Attack Trump is getting lame Times was better under Trump Food electric gas fuel was affordable no war in Ukraine and low interest rates no flood of immigrants into our cities Vote Trump

  9. 16
    Kristen H

    Interview Police Cheif Steven Sund before you say the Jan. 6th allegations are false. Also, there are records of Trumps requests for National Guard prior to the event at the Capitol (3 times days before). Your fact checking is flawed and yall are liars!

  10. 17
    B&W Out Channel

    Unfortunately Biden, Clinton, Obama, Comey, Brennen , Susan Rice and many other effectuated a soft copy on Trump and justice will need to be brought to bare against those criminals.

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