Trump-Fox lies prove costly: Rupert Murdoch exits after Tucker firing, GOP eyes ‘new’ Fox

Rupert Murdoch announced he will step down as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the takeaways from Rupert Murdoch’s exit and its greater implications on the network. (Check out The Beat’s playlist: Connect with Ari Melber:
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  1. 2
    Michael Jaquish

    Rupert Murdoch is a domestic terrorist who has weaponized the 'News' presentation system in the US to spout dangerous lies for decades. Because of him, FOX is being sued into bankruptcy for its continual flow of misinformation that has made a third of Americans too dumb to know the difference from the truth and lies. This is destroying this country and MAGA Trump Cult members do not care. FOX Stockholders care though. They are suing FOX for lies that have caused stock prices to fall. Murdoch will go down in history as a fascist propagandist who attempted to destroy American democracy.

  2. 3

    Rupert Murdoch is a disgusting, horrible influence on the world but still not anything as horrible as the vast, disgusting Catholic Church.

  3. 4
    Kassandra Silver

    I blame the stupidity of 1/25th of the American People. It might be cumbersome, but we need to ship fox, oan, et al, plus all of the Maggots who think Russia is Wonderful–TO Russia! Putin can put them all on the frontlines to fight against Ukrainians–who are fighting for their freedom and democracy. The very things the Maggots have–but are fighting to destroy! Shipping all of these MORONIC People to Russia would be cheaper than keeping them, as most of them are on some form of Government support. The very "socialism" they disdain!

  4. 5

    The best way for Fox to save it's bacon is by cleaning house and going live with the truth and explain to the cult what exactly happened and yes they were guilty. Change the narrative and if the GOP still aren't on board………move on. Let them sink alone.

  5. 11
    Paul Dockree

    Did Ari Melber say MySpace?
    2009–2016: Decline and sale by News Corporation
    Hmm. I will as they say think on.
    That is MyFace and Facebook? PayPal

  6. 13
    Korpulian Santos

    Tucker Carlson is reportedly starting a new weekend show in… wait for it… Russia! (on "Rossiya 24") – Now, how about that true American patriot, nurtured by Mr Murdoch?

  7. 15

    Trump and fox didnt just pass gun reform hunter is walking free from and suing people over while censoring the public after a court ruling. Thats blackrock and biden inc . Its documented and it makes Watergate look like a joke 💯

  8. 17
    John Zeszut

    "Yeah – Paul and I had to get Lady Penelope Ashe off the steamer docked at Pier 13. The Owl Gang ran the place. I told Paul to drop a dime in the Ameche and tell the cops to raid the place and we could get Ashe off without any Chicago lightening. This was going to be a megillah." Mike Madrid P.I.

  9. 18

    Mr. Murdoch would rather not be in the hot seat when Faux News is held accountable for their role in the January sixth insurrection.

  10. 20
    Anthony Thomas

    Murdoch should have been excised from public life and influence after it emerged that his employees in News Corp and the News of the World filthy tabloid had hacked the voice messages of Milly Dowler, murdered by Levi Bellfield.

  11. 23
    Robin Potter

    Everybody's a liberal til you become a billionaire. Funny how that works. Kinda makes one believe it's really about the money and power and keeping it. Forget the country. It's all about the billionaires or the wanna be ones like Trump.

  12. 24

    ,,, Murdoch current powerbroker -> historical template -> Huggenberg ( Weimar Republic magnate ) …

  13. 26
    Melissa k

    MSNBC – a mouthpiece of the Democrooks' propaganda :
    "The border is closed and secured"
    Cocaine Hunter's laptop is "Russian Disinformation"
    Covid clot shots are "safe and effective"

  14. 32
    Dan Penry

    If the major news networks on TV don't say what the government tells them to they will lose their broadcast license.. that's a fact

  15. 33
    Thukim Tran

    Do not hear what they say but look at what they have done .Their money pockets are bigger and bigger while people's pockets are flatter and flatter . Comparing 2016-2019 and 2019 up to now . He was crazy and dictator but people could go anywhere in security ,comment anything without being disturbed or threatened , live in peace , happiness, with cheap , full food without war ,enmity .If he was not crazy , not dictator may be people would be lived in the heaven. It wishes only he is crazy then it is enough to live .

  16. 37
    Smooth Sailing

    He's done a lot of damage but will not create any MAGA chaos with the continual increase in Trump polling. He had no love for Trump.
    Fox like all networks are taking a ratings' hammering as well as loss if trust by the people.

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