Trump ‘entirely unqualified’ for office, a ‘danger to the republic’ says fmr. Army General

Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey, Editor-at-Large for the Bulwark Charlie Sykes and former lead investigator for the January 6th Select Committee Tim Heaphy join Nicolle Wallace to discuss the dangers for the future of democracy if Donald Trump is elected to a second term. 

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  1. 8
    G S

    the loudest of noises made by trumps drums and maga are drowned by the power of the silent majority .-<<Stand up and be counted >>—TELL ALL YOU FRIENDS TO VOTE <<Every vote counts>>

  2. 10
    Nigel Curtis

    Its all FAKE . Everything , anybody, anywhere , anytime says is FAKE , And millions of people believe it ? What a Mess the United States of America is in 😞 VOTE Against Trump next election or you are going to get an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE !

  3. 16
    Amellia Mendel

    Legislate this please:
    A candidate for a role in the Readiness and Management Support function within the Armed Services Committee must have a background that includes 1 or more of these previous positions:

    Logistics Manager or Supply Chain Specialist in the Military or Defense Industry,
    National Security Consultant,
    Program Manager for Defense-related Projects
    Intelligence Analyst or Officer in a National Security Agency,
    Defense Policy Analyst at a Think Tank or Research Institution,
    Military Strategy Planner or Officer,
    Budget Analyst or Financial Manager in a Defense-related Agency

    and must have prior service as a Member of the Armed Forces (with experience in leadership roles).

  4. 17

    The most surprising thing about Trump's dysfunctional presidency is that it took justice and defense so long to realize that Trump seriously abused the powers of the office of POTUS. This was evident to most of the world – so why did such senior government officials such as Bill Barr and General Milley fail to understand this? US leaders should have invoked the 25th amendment to remove Trump from power, in view of his evident lack of competence to discharge the powers and duties of the office as required by the US constitution.

  5. 19
    zog zog

    It is important that Biden does not run. A combination of his age, the anti-democratic college system and bad luck could see trump in office. Biden is the only guy who could lose to trump.

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