Trump blue collar act a tougher sell now with anti-labor record

Donald Trump hopes to counter-program the next Republican presidential primary debate with another rendition of his “blue collar Trump” character before a union audience. But this time he has an actual record of what he did in office, making his hard hat posturing ring especially hollow, and even more so in comparison to the pro-labor efforts of President Joe Biden.
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  1. 9
    That DIY Guy Raymond Monk

    The only reason the industry will loose ev production to any overseas production is greed. As in fact an EV is much cheaper to produce, but the want nearly double profit margins for EV’s to offset their shares in fossil fuel investments, the main reasons that combustion engine performance is only growing in micro improvement baby steps!

  2. 10
    Paula Dufour

    UAW stick with Biden. He is investing in EV auto production in America. He is establishing supply chain support by encouraging EV batteries to be produced in America. I know you guys are smart. So check out what Biden's Acting Labor Secretary is trying to do within the limits of the Congressional authority granted to the Executive branch through legislation. He continued to support rail workers after they signed their contract to bring them the time off concessions they lost in their contract. Biden truly believes that labor is the source of American prosperity. He's moving things in the right direction. Don't abandon him before he has a chance to build the momentum for change.

  3. 11

    As they say..
    "If the hat fits"..
    And it doesn't.
    Trump looks like a fool.

    If you want a douchbag to be President.. vote for Trump.

    If you want a responsible adult for President..
    Then vote for Biden.

    No brainer.

  4. 12
    Peggy Mccubbin

    Trump has no idea of what he is talking about!! He is anti union and is evil enough to tell people to stop paying their dues!!!! Really. Do ya think he is really on the blue collar side???

  5. 15

    Hes not conservative. RNC…DROP HIM FROM THE TICKET. YOU CAN STOP THIS. If he gets back in office the RNC will go. He will dismantle and rename it. Does anyone running the RNC think they will have a job if he gets back in.

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