Tomi Lahren: This is absolutely destroying our nation

‘Hannity’ panelists Charlie Hurt and Tomi Lahren discuss the impact of President Biden’s policies and his 2024 re-election chances. #foxnews #fox #hannity

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  1. 1
    Sue Smythe

    VALID ID to vote
    PAPER BALLOTS to vote


  2. 2
    whitten barger

    I think it would be better if both Biden and Trump go away. And we need new anti Karen Kevin laws. I think RFK jr Kennedy would be a great president.

  3. 3
    Kortlund Broadway

    I'm an Independent, and I believe that Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and Ron Desantis,— nor Kamala Harris shouldn't be our next President. I believe that Mike Pence or Chuck Shumer would be the best choices. I can tell you how were better off than 3 years ago, DONALD TRUMP IS NOT PRESIDENT.

  4. 5
    poppy phone

    Botox, Chin Implant, Eyelid surgery. That's what we are watching. A loud mouth blonde who surgically enhanced her appearance. Y'all can be fooled, but I've seen her before her doctor made her appear attractive. I don't blame her.. she looked like trailer trash, and was extremely ugly. I guess White folks champion fake. Tomi is a classic caucasian. Deceptive at best. This country is fake, your religion is fake, your history is fake. I'm glad America is falling. Especially since it produces spoiled boring thot boxes like Phony Lahren. She can no longer look in the mirror and see her real self. You thots are godless. Fox is trash, and every show they have reflects garbage personified.

  5. 9
    Dasher Mike

    You’re a tad late to the party. This country has been destroyed already and unfortunately it is irreversible. But….we voted for it or so I’ve been told.

  6. 10
    Ronnie Terry

    Biden has many failures Biden destroyed our energy independence Biden destroyed our secure border Biden allowed an enemy we fought for twenty years to take possession of Afghanistan and then Biden has caused record inflation. There are many more failures.

  7. 12
    Jim A

    As long as there is veto power by the 5 permanent members of the UN, it will remain a useless organization.

  8. 14
    Ronald Cheatham


    Was "ALWAYS" the intent of the Joe Biden administration.


    Joe Biden is a proxy for Obama to serve a "Third" possibly "FOURTH" term in office.

    Is the "REAL REASON"
    Joe Biden is running again.

    People don't know how to connect the dots.

    This has been quite evident science the first day in office for Joe Biden.

  9. 18

    how about we get a normal everyday person in Washington that will actually listen to and make decisions for the common ppl

  10. 20
    The Life of Sophie & Pipa!

    Hey America. YOU voted Biden in. YOU voted in the most senile, corrupt President in your history into office. YOU made yourself the least feared Country in the world.
    A complete laughing stock. Already learning Mandarin for when you finally implode.

  11. 25
    Rich Brown

    What if democrat cities and states are too afraid of TRUMP
    they have all been brainwashed
    this is the problem.
    people need to vote for Trump…period

    everything is being destroyed…

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