This poll is ‘bad news’ for everyone, except for Trump: Piro

‘Fox & Friends First’ co-host Todd Piro discusses Trump widening the gap among GOP contenders and Hillary Clinton dismissing Biden’s age concerns as ‘off-base.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    Robert Rouse

    Democrats brought on the Great Depression and republicans brought us out of it

    Biden is part of the depression we heading in too
    This is hard to say for me since I am a democrat

  2. 8
    Shirley Presley

    Who are you people that are so against Trump that you are willing to sacrifice America's future? It's the only hope we have. Trump wants to save America. He cares about America and it's people. Look at the economy under Biden. It's at it's worst. For example Electric cars should be the least of things on the agenda. Wow. Most of us couldn't afford one even if we wanted one. Get real people. Our future isn't looking very bright if Biden stays in office. People who really care about the future should be hoping Trump becomes our next president.

  3. 9

    We the people have a belly full of lies were tired of it when are you going to believe that Michael is really Michelle Obama and they lied to you Obama is not born in the USA Hillary Clinton's got blood on her hands Obama's got blood on his hands of biden's got blood on his hands and we're tired of it we've had it I want to see him going to prison.

  4. 10

    Hillary Clinton told us all we need to be reprogrammed and she wanted to put us on a train and take us to concentration camps Hillary Clinton needs to go to jail herself she has no right to speak we don't care.

  5. 13

    Trump don't have to play in front of you all fake f**** news Trump already winning we're going to bring them in all the way to the White House you are going to try to cheat with your census program to give them their IDs to vote and we're not that deport now.

  6. 16
    Diamond Dave

    Because of the 'Swamp' and it's constituents…No experience, but radically left. It's a 'Reggime' and NOT for the People. AND how are they all getting so rich…'Pay to Play'.

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