This key issue is giving Iowa Evangelicals pause about supporting Trump

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports from Iowa, where Evangelical voters are being courted by GOP presidential candidates. CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses with Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO). #CNN #News

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  1. 1
    Lulie Frye

    I just do not understand why we are having this conversation AT ALL. He is and should be disqualified from ever running. This is like living in the frealking TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!! makes me SICK.

  2. 2
    Mike N

    Abortion issue centers around one question, maybe it could be answered scientifically; When is a human fetus, a human, with rights of other humans? Is there a scientific definition? Is fetus a human at fertilization, five weeks organs are developed, six weeks a heartbeat, nine weeks fetus has human form, viable outside womb 22 weeks, when is fetus a human.

  3. 5
    Nate S

    Evangelical Christian woman about Trump: "I love everything he stands for". So I guess she stands for him being married three times, cheating on all three of his wives, his cursing, the fact that he was found liable for defaming a woman that credibly accused him of sexual assault and the fact that he lies about everything….?! And Evangelical Christians wonder why no one takes them seriously?!

  4. 7

    It is disgusting that evangelicals are so offensive about their demands about abortion. I have lived in the Bible Belt where most of the underage pregnancies occur. This is basic poor parenting. They need to move to Saudi Arabia and join the Moral Police so they all can feel empowered and righteous and close to their God who they believe tells them they must control everyone. To be direct: they make me sick.

  5. 12

    I often wonder what it’s like to have such an exaggerated opinion of yourself. Religious people have a special relationship with their imaginations.

  6. 13

    All these super Christian ladies..wish donnie had the time to s a one by one all of them and grab them by their….unfortunately some still would vote for him afterwards regardless

  7. 14

    Demons follow the Devil. It’s incredible that evangelicals are so open to Satan, no matter from which direction.

  8. 20
    jay green

    If you’re from Iowa in here, you are failing us as a nation you and NH…you don’t hold candidates to the fire and you pick candidates based on if you “like” verses policy. You don’t ask about things that affect everyone like sexual assault reporting in the military for the potential “commander in chief” you don’t ask them about term limits or justice reform. You’re abusing and neglecting the power you have been given

  9. 21
    E W

    Some sad person said I believe in everything trump stands for, lets look at how he wrote Colored on housing applications of black citizens to keep them from housing, he took out an ad on 5 young people to push the death penalty, his lack of response and bleach suggestion cause thousands to DIE of Covid-19, he broke rules 2x that triggered impeachment, he told people to fight like hell on Jan 6th and sat for hours while it happened, he was charged as a sex offender after being elected for grabbing women by the pussy, he stole USA secret documents and sold them, he cheated in the election to stay in power and is out on BAIL with RICO charges. What kind of people are these??? Or is this about the loss of power, control and privilege he offers.

  10. 22

    Is President Trump the only one who can save our country 🇺🇸 from this downward spiral created in just 3 years by Sleepy Biden and failed Progressive Liberal Democrat policies?? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😡
    Vote / Vota para sacar a Biden 2024! 📚💪🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. 25
    Bella Bella

    Why do evangelicals support trump? He’s been married 3 times has 5 kids with 3 different baby mamas. Cheated on every single wife. Found guilty of rape. Ran a fraudulent charity that was shut down. Scammed thousands with his fake university. Declared bankruptcy 5 times stiffed thousands of creditors. All the contractors that worked on his casino were owned millions. Trump soho collapsed and was sold at a loss. His COO went to prison for fraud. Everybody around trump ends up in prison or indicted or is a pedophile. All his failed business ventures. If he had just invested the 500 million his father left him he’d be 10 times richer today.

  12. 27
    joep meloen

    I'm searching, but where are all the reports about Maui?

    Where are all the CNN investigations into the Maui fires?

    Why is this human disaster being ignored by CNN?

  13. 29
    La Ho

    The CCP's delaying tactics have appeared again, privately communicating with the United States Sullivan to do business, and saying cruelly, what about Biden? Why would you want to do that? Do you want to keep the Communist Party ruling China? Or do you want to continue to fish for oil in China? The CCP's foreign affairs director Wang Yi and Sullivan immediately ran to report to Russia after communicating with Sullivan, we don't know when the US government is going to act? On the surface, the United States is soft, secretly colluding with Russia, and then going to low-income countries in the world to continue to infiltrate and buy political leaders, will such countries continue to condone? The US Department of Defense said that the CCP's spy balloons are not harmful, is it harmful to hang nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs over the United States?

  14. 31
    B V

    Hmmmmmm Wants to get back to Pre-Covid numbers….let me think….Snap! Igot it just Roll Back the Trillion Tax cut on the top 1 Percent of Americans who have been fleecing the rest of us!

  15. 34
    Douglas Archer

    Notice the Evangelical pastor, talking about Trump's legal problems, is only concerned about the likelihood of his conviction, creating logistical challenges to his ability to campaign, and NOT concerned about the criminal acts confirmed in that conviction.

  16. 35
    Douglas Archer

    Those Evangelicals are TRUE Republicans. If Jesus walked into their church and started preaching his peace, love and forgiveness sermons, they would beat him, tar and feather him and throw his butt on a bus going out of town. And that would be them being 'nice'.

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