This is ‘the most problematic thing’ in the resolution bill: Rep. Perry

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., says the House’s budget and shutdown decision will ‘always come down to negotiation.’ #FOXBusiness

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  1. 1

    This is Fox Business they need to change it to Fox politics because Fox Business has reported nothing about Finance it's always about politics so why is it still called Fox Business Maria used to be about the stock market now she's about politics so why does she still have the same title that's okay I watch Bloomberg financial news where I get Acura financial information with the Bloomberg terminal

  2. 2

    Washington has proven it cannot be trusted to manage money. We The People can defund them and decide for ourselves how to spend our own money.

  3. 6
    Sheila Adkinson

    Stop the useless spending every one has a nice chair to sit in, you have a great home,cars money to eat, vacation, clothes, share some with the people who bought it for y'all. The people want to have a place to live, food to eat, we don't need thousand dollar chairs and fancy houses a tent and a burger would be nice.

  4. 7
    sheri bates

    Personally, why close the border…there are millions of ILLEGAL immigrants in our country and it’s a day late and a dollar short. Obviously no one cares about the rise in crime and homicides so I say Americans: Arm yourselves and protect yourself and those you love.

  5. 8
    Matthew Salazar

    No a$$hole…you don’t get a free pass here! She is right…you had a whole year and NOTHING GOT DONE! Typical US government…big on promises…light on action! Every last elected official needs to be removed and replaced with REAL American citizens who will worry about the REAL issues and not dance around being politically correct or give a f*ck about anyone’s feelings! It’s tough to run a country but you can’t do it by being soft and making it all about YOU! It HAS to be about the people and just SAYING you’re helping us without actually helping is total BS and needs to end! We definitely need another 1776!

  6. 9

    Stop sending billions to Ukraine! Where is that $$ coming from if were going to default?? Simple mathematics..its called Budgeting 101.

  7. 10
    Matthew Salazar

    Government compromise would be great… it ONLY if those compromises help the American people! But in reality, these compromises are benefits to CAREER POLITICIANS!!! This country is supposed to be governed FOR and BY the people! But it’s been perverted into being run FOR and BY the career politicians! Both sides are corrupt! We the people need to clean slate the whole thing back to a truly Constitutional government that the PEOPLE control! And the only way that happens is if we have another 1776…because it’s been proven that elections can be stolen and influenced by outside forces (like the Chinese engineering and deploying a deadly bio weapon during an American election year)! It’s time we take back OUR country!

  8. 12
    Butch Thornton

    Funding the bureaucracy FBI CIA the Weaponized department of justice IRS all of those things do not benefit the American people not one bit so that’s where the defunding needs to start

  9. 16
    Les Learning

    they all just want to say we need the 12 bills. Well why are the 12 bills not ready by now? Did they do nothing in the months since Jan?

  10. 20
    Steph Bach

    Shut the entire Government down completely till ALl illegal IMMIGRANTS n DACAs are removed n deported immediately 🇺🇲👍 MAGA

  11. 23
    Michele H

    It's always a continuing resolution. What they really need to do is their jobs and pass a realistic budget on time for a change.

  12. 27
    nft minter

    If the Republicans want less spending, the obvious thing to do is demand MORE spending! The democrats will be forced to demand cuts😂

  13. 28
    Abby O'NoMoreLies

    When the government shuts down, get up and get to the border, 100,000 or more and secure the border allowing no one to cross. And when tyhe government returns do not give up the border keep it held without crossovers.

  14. 29
    Bay 0Wulf

    MedicAid NEEDS to be Removed from “Social Security”. It was NEVER “Paid In” but is being distributed as “Charity” from an “Insurance Policy” I Paid Into (by force) ALL MY LIFE.

  15. 32


  16. 33

    Anything less than a shutdown is going to allow The destruction of this country to continue … SHUT THIS OUT OF CONTROL BUS DOWN RIGHT NOW … WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER ….

  17. 34
    Scott Boughner

    lrts not forget? the last time we were counting on the Republicans to vote against the green new deal? and they caved and pushed it through. they flat out lied to the people. no spine.

  18. 37
    G Man

    An 8% cut doesn’t do it. You need at least a 30% spending cut across the board; elimination of all identified fraud, waste, and abuse; elimination of all discretionary spending; and closure of the border with ejection of all illegal immigrants.

  19. 40
    Cathy Beshears

    IRS hired thousands…lay them off…fire these people…too many people in Washington that we're paying for. Just fund all of the "have" to have it… social security, cut defense…cut aides, pages, other people in the country are getting laid off and fired …do it in Washington. No student loan payoffs!!!

  20. 41
    Nick Seal

    It’s good to actually have fiscal conservatives in congress. We’re broke. Stop spending money we do not have. It’s ridiculous.

  21. 42

    Can ANYONE tell me:

    America is an extraordinarily rich country.

    The wealth of the nation is being fire hosed into a pinprick on the map called DC.

    There is waste and fraud, abuse and corruption in DC on a Biblical scale.

    Why would anyone, other than the crooks, want that?

  22. 44
    John Cummings

    Politicians need too make themselves seem important, so they stage clown act for us , look at the condition of our country, not even on single politician, is important, we can obviously do better ourselves….

  23. 46
    James Edwards

    We want the truth ❤❤❤ vote Trump Biden is guilty the American know the truth our eyes are open we are not sleeping Trump 2024 ❤❤❤

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