‘They’re obsessed’: Dr. Fauci on death threats, ‘lab leak,’ and vaccine safety

In 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci became a household name, becoming in many ways the face of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But while many saw him as a hero, he also faced a far-right backlash when his assessments contradicted the message of President Trump and other GOP politicians. Now retired from government, Dr. Fauci joins Mehdi to reflect on his handling of the crisis, discuss the threat of a new COVID-19 surge, and respond to attacks from the GOP.

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  1. 1
    Barry Wassel

    That will be one of the lines of definition in any dictionary when you look up maga or maga cult in the near future : a group of political extremists carrying weapons of war and constantly making death threats to their own civilians. I guess that is why they worship the much misconstrued 2nd amendment. Without weapons, it is harder to make death threats. They have no consciences, and are the very opposite of patriotic. Even their leader makes indirect death threats in public speeches and on social media.

  2. 4
    A H

    So AIDS was not controlled under his watch they decide he was the best candidate to handle Covid😂

  3. 6
    sheila lopez

    How dare you, how dare you Dr. Fauci try to save American lives; keep our hospitals from being bogged down with people who care more for liars and grifters than they care about their lives. How dare you want to keep deniers from getting long term COVID-19 that attacks your main internal organs and turns them to mush. HOW DARE YOU!!! You fiend with your fiendish plan of saving lives that goes against the GOP trumpuppet Troglodyte party that thinks we should be culled like so much cattle.
    Too much?

  4. 7
    Anne Marie Buck

    Terrible interviewer. Cutting dr Fauci off. Let him finish his point. Ask your question then let him answer without cutting him off or interrupting.

  5. 8
    Steven Kaufman

    Folks, my research has indicated that wearing 19 masks and standing 5.9375 ft. for social distancing is the proper protocol. Do not….do not, stand 5.84748 ft from those around you. That is too close. You’re welcome.

  6. 10

    Faucci covered up that he approved funding for gain of function research at the Wuhan China Lab.
    There are emails that have discussed in Congressional Hearings that.prove this.
    He is no hero, quite the opposite.
    1 Million Americans died.
    Stoo D ridjng this little slimeball.

  7. 12
    Michael F

    I dodged the 'rona 3 1/2 years. I've had 4 jabs. I just tested positive. So far, it's just a bad cold. But it's no fun. I hope the next vax has a broader protection.

  8. 17
    Steve Joyner

    It's about time, with soaring interest rates do to massive spending overreaction by governments around the world, people are done with this fear mongering bullshite.

  9. 18
    C money

    It’s so funny wen they say far right their isn’t any far right anymore public will not tolerate it we are so far left already in North America

  10. 19

    Medhi… calm down. You're so focused on maintaining you're "hard interviewer" persona that you won't even let someone answer a question.

    There is a difference between "sticking to the question" and just being rude. If you invite someone on to talk, and ask them a question, maybe LET THEM ANSWER THE QUESTION.

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