‘THERE’S NO CONNECTION’: Former DC Democratic Party chair torches GOP over Hunter probe #shorts

Former D.C. Democratic Party Chairman Scott Bolden argues Republicans are coming up with a narrative and then try to ‘find facts that support that narrative.’

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  1. 8
    Jamea Stiffler

    Another puppet sorry we already know the truth why don't you do something for this country instead of wasting all your time and our tax money to protect your incompetent and corrupt president.. Just another politician getting a paycheck and doing nothing to earn it. Start doing something for the betterment of this country, like replacing Biden

  2. 14
    John Fickas

    Just because you libs refuse to accept facts doesn’t mean it’s not true. You make up false facts for Trump and ignore real facts when it comes to Democrats. STOP YOUR LYING

  3. 19

    Cavuto' once again folds like a cheap Chinese lawn chair, he let's this Democrat Strategist own the interview,and get the last word, of there's no connection, no laptop, bank records, no emails, no money transfers, no Barissma, no Ukraine and no China Joe

  4. 22
    Ram Chandra

    So Look this powliterks peoples are
    All way to be useing the good way to
    Just makeing the Americans peoples and Governments also
    Make a sitowpit peoples is for this Americans peoples as to ok so
    Look then who well be this men
    Henter baidan is useing this Americans peoples texs money to bay make is nams and also this Americans money as Comeing and othes Conuterys to send is nams to if this Henter baidan is not to joe Biden son then why joe Bidens as
    Givean them to opan way to use is Fathers Courrted money to use for
    Is lifes to so if not be sowre job then just sit is Sons balad Goups
    Bout of this Fthers and also is sons
    Ballad gouops to ok bicous we all of this Americans peoples is not med Peoples to ok if joe Biden ballad goup and Hentre baidarn
    Balads are Comeing to Same Goups of balads then Changed to bour off them to ok thats all

  5. 34
    Sokhanna Mao

    My mother always said when you walk like a duck, quack like a duck, you are a duck.
    Joe Biden is a traitor in a corrupt politician, and a president in this country. He’s laundry. It’s evident everywhere if you don’t have anything to hide, let answer the question the DOJ does not answer any question today at all barely in so much evidence against Joe Biden corruption is not even funny and I don’t understand any human being whether you left or you on the right could deny that.

  6. 36

    every single perrson has turned on trump indicating he has no idea who to pick so why would it matter if it was a trump judge that means nothing and the credit card used to by hookers is evidence indicating he allowed his sun to use it therfor thats conection

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