There must be ‘active engagement’ to ensure Saudi deal is agreeable to Israelis says Sen. Coons

Negotiations are underway for a potentially historic agreement between the Saudis and Israelis. Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how a deal between the two countries could change the Middle East region. “There has to be active engagement by Israel in terms of ensuring that whatever nuclear technology is shared with the Saudis, and whatever the arrangements are for security with the Saudis, are also agreeable to the Israelis. There would have to be mutual recognition and deepening of security and economic ties between Israel, the Saudi Kingdom and the rest of the Arab world,” says Coons. “I’m very much looking forward to engaging in this debate and discussion here in the Senate as the negotiations move forward.”

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  1. 6
    Deborah Freedman

    Nobody, who calls parts of Judea and Samaria "the west bank", understands the situation in the middle east. And asking Israel to make more concessions, to the Arab occupiers of Jewish land, when the Arab leader blames the Jews for the Holocaust, and pays terrorists to murder the native people, is disgusting. The Arabs keep building in Area C, which was set aside expressly for Jews, and have murdered 32 innocent people, and wounded over a hundred. They are not a partner for peace. The US isn't pressuring Ukraine to give up land to the Russian occupiers, why do they pressure Israel to give up even more land to the Arab occupation forces?

  2. 9

    Netanyahu and his coalition partners want to annex the West Bank, so if the Saudis are serious that something must be done for Palestinians then this is a non-starter. But not surprising two states with such abysmal human rights records are finding some common ground

  3. 11
    Nic Lewis

    Republicans take their orders from a private citizen, who takes his orders from the guy he bent the knee to against America and Americans in Helsinki in front of the World.

  4. 12
    T. R. Campbell

    The Russian/Ukrainian war is a battle between two neighboring countries in Europe. We have no accounting of the money that we so far have dumped into the Ukraine. We have no idea where the money went, who is getting the money, and what it is being spent on. There are no accounting strings attached to this money, the Ukrainians do not have to give us the time of day, as to how the money was spent, or who it went to. The very last thing a America needs to be caught up in another European war.

  5. 13
    Nic Lewis

    2bn from the Saudis 🤔Trump twice approve transfer of sensitive nuclear technology, billions in arms sales to the home of 9/11 Terrorists and murderers of Jamal Khashoggi.

    "I saved his A$$"

    – Bonespurs on saving Bonesaw Wolf Blitzer tapes

  6. 15
    John Youngman

    Just like Iran and our support of the Shah we will see the same result in Saudi Arabia. We need to stop supporting undemocratic governments or accept the consequences of our poor judgment. The Saudi government is not a friend to our Nation.

  7. 30
    Kelly Berger

    Sure, let Ukraine fall, but let's keep giving all sorts of military and now nuclear technology to parties in the Middle East. What a joke. Republicans have become.

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