The Rested Brain

From work responsibilities to social engagements to family commitments, our days are jam-packed, and it can be tough to give your brain a break. Rest is an important ingredient for good health, but do you really understand why? On this episode of Chasing Life, Professor Victoria Garfield, who studies sleep and how it impacts our brains and our bodies as we get older, explains what it is about rest that is so good for our brains. Why it’s so important to take time to relax and what surprising new research tells us about the simple act of napping.

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    joep meloen

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    Have you ever heard of the word meditation?. Mr. Gupta, with your heritage you should know something about it? Perhaps you need to measure the results and compare nap, taking with the same amount of meditation, and see what that does to the brain?

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  7. 21

    Great chat. Regarding alcohol and regular sleep. At 64 my most creative hours are 2 to 4 AM, referenced this per others. I have hypertension. I have rarely get over 6 hours of sleep.

  8. 24
    Love Always Wins

    Resting a brain allows weakness. Forcing your brain to work longer harder and with less sustainance is a healthy Lifestyle especially for people who identify as female.

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    El Ingles

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    George Fear

    Just shows how we respond differently to things. A little alcohol before bed and i sleep through the night. No alcohol and its a bad night. And here we are with not knowing who or what to believe again. Is a little alcohol good or not? Seems to a variety of opinions and so Im just going to do what Im going to do until the experts gain some expertise and reach a consensus

  11. 28
    Travis Cornell

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