The left is ‘TERRIFIED’ of actual democracy: Charlie Hurt

Charlie Hurt and Mollie Hemingway discuss how the establishment is eager to abandon America first on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. 1
    Luke Abrams

    Mollie, didn`t Nikki Haley say in the Michigan debate that contrary to your statement that we are spending more on Ukraine`s defense that the Europeans were spending more per capita to help Ukraine than we are?

  2. 2
    Monica Wallace

    Why does anyone watch these spin-buffoons!?!? They don’t understand what the def. of democracy, since they support fascist “leaders” in our government…

  3. 3
    emmit Meyer

    We have already given Ukraine the equivelent of 10% of our own military budget…Enough to close our borders, take care of all of the homeless and still have enough to pay back millions that our government has stolen from the Social Security "Trust fund".

  4. 8
    Sara Michelle

    You overly paid people are just not relevant anymore. Which makes you uninteresting. Real journalism is going on in other venues. But not mainstream media.

  5. 9
    Chris Yarbrough

    The democrats are trying too bring on martial law and blame the Republicans.we need to get this fact on record.because they will take over and jail and silence republicans.Something before the election will trigger it.and under emergency powers biden will remain in office indefinitely.its going too happen.They want no opposition and complete obedience.I hope were ready

  6. 17

    New Yorks immigrant problem is not a catastrophe. They have a few thousand. Go to these border states if you want to see catastrophe.

  7. 18
    Gordon's Pond

    1. If elections were truly fair, Democrats wouldn't stand a chance. Change my mind.
    2. In 2020, Democrats pulled off a coup and then blamed the other side. Change my mind.

  8. 20

    He is so manipulative. No more money. Whatever happens the citizens will handle it. These Democrats who promote child surgeries are useless. They would fold if they were ever confronted with actual danger. Pansy's.

  9. 22
    Tammy Voss

    Right on Charlie that is why they keep saying democracy is at stake because the dems are creating a horrible issue worse then insurrection.

  10. 26
    Linda Day

    America needs to stop funding the war in Ukraine. We have no idea where that money is being spent and who is getting rich off of it. An independent audit needs to be done.

  11. 27
    Patricia McCuen

    Little dictator Zelenskyy….no voting till the war is over? Yea that sounds democratic …. In our current admins opinion…. GET OUT OF UKRAINE STOP SENDING OUR MUCH NEEDED AT HOME $$$$ to them … $$$$ours is paying that admin salaries and they are not going to give up….are we there due to b.iden obligations ….to them, others? Oh yes I do think yes indeed

  12. 28
    Arisaema Triphyllum

    It's Republicans that are against democracy though. So much so that they've done one coup (Brooks brothers in Florida) and attempted another with Trump. Why? Because Republicans have attacked young peoples rights and as more and more can vote – they WILL get their rights back.

  13. 30
    Tracy Holder

    Lying Biden, and the Dem's are destroying America and the American people. Divide and conquer that is what they are doing. It's all about CONTROL. Our young people, have no idea, what's coming. Wake up America, open your eyes, before it's to late.

  14. 32
    Janet Keyzer

    Hate and fabricated news has no place in our country now. What ever happened to news? Real. News!! Fox News is not news…it misinformation, brutal attacks, and childish taunting. Stop it!!!

  15. 38
    Warhorse Conjugate

    The problem with Fox News is that they're not far from CNN, or MSNBC. We, by very definition are a Constitutional Republic. Democracy is almost the exact same thing that we have now, an Oligarchy. The narrative that Fox pushes is no different than CNN, just a different play on the same words to rile up RINO's.

  16. 39
    Steven Jamison

    What a ridiculous analysis. I think the republican party is more willing to skirt democracy for the sake of power. 11,780 votes and fake electors ring a bell?

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