The jet was practicing a formation for the Italian Air Force, when it crashed shortly after takeoff.

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    Carolyn Riddick

    This is so Sad that the ‘Family’ loss their child 😢 … Prayers & Healing Blessings to them.🌺 And Blessings also to the Pilot, as I’m sure that although it wasn’t his fault .. this will weigh on him.

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    Condolences to all involved. So tragic that a child's life was tragically cut way too short. Thoughts go out to the pilot.

    I'm not someone who is an anxious flyer by any means, but bird strikes is someone that I'd say I'm aware of when I board a commercial airplane to travel somewhere. The miracle on the Hudson river showed what bird strikes can do to an aircraft low to the ground, and they have yet to come up with a way (that I know of) of keeping birds away from aircraft. They can't cover the engines to stop them sucking in birds, because that obstructs the airflow and impedes performance. It's a hazard that's hard to guard against and the Hudson river incident showed the best defence against it is a highly skilled and calm pilot.

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    lion Judah

    Oh my Lord, poor little child, may the Almighty God give strength to the family in this terrible situation, in the name of Jesus.

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    Gavin Scott

    Isn’t it weird as soon as he ejected the plane dived steeply to the ground? Is that something those planes do is as soon as the pilot ejects it goes out of cruise mode and just plummets?

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    Keith Allen

    Wow. Thats one smart pilot. He acted fast. I hope he's not burned too badly. I can't imagine loosing a 5 year old. Live your best. It can end at anytime. Tragic beyond words.

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    Robert White

    My condolences to the family and especially the child. This is worst case scenario for “ANY PILOT” and my condolences to you as well sir. There are many “MANY” things that happen in life that there are no good answers for. God says that my ways are not your ways, and that there is a purpose to everything under heaven. And although we as human beings cannot fathom what purpose such things like this could ever have, there absolutely is a purpose for them. Prayers and blessings to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  7. 23

    As a Italian American My faith in Italian Captains is Questionable ,Be Aircraft Trains or Especially 🛳 Cruise lines.. Captains in restaurants I'm OK with !!

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    David Martin

    Tragic accident. Though it will not heal the family who lost their 5 year old child, I hope the Italian Airforce takes care of its victim's family monetarily.

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    Susie Ferenzi

    I honestly feel as much sympathy for the family as I do the pilot, I think it's safe to say that his head is messed up right now knowing he was INDIRECTLY responsible for the death of a 5 year old little girl.

  10. 30
    Hilda Flores

    OH LORD! This is why the air force always shud clear out people nearby for at least 5 square miles and situate them in a better place. So so sad for them all! PRAYERS!

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    Tubro 🌍

    I guess the five-year-old and his family won't be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Italian🇮🇹 air force, because these idiots are too stupid to train over the sea.🙁

  12. 34
    Julie Muir

    And a little bird brought down a military jet. Wow. Just think of all the money they could save if they used birds instead of bombs.

  13. 38
    jie li

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    Quasita the Q Dragon

    I can't imagine what that must be like for those parents. I can't even necessarily use the word condolences for this because it doesn't do justice to the amount of damage that has been done to an entire family's existence due to this one accident. I understand that the pilot was injured as well, hopefully they have a speedy recovery, but there are no words I feel are appropriate to give to the parents, I feel like the best one could do for them above it all else is to sit with them in the quiet moments where no one can hear the screams they're hearing and see the things they're seeing every time they close their eyes.

  15. 45

    Why is the title for this not mentioning the biggest event in this story!? The loss of a child, and injury of another! Who cares about a plane (I'm a military veteran so it's not about that), there was injured and killed children.

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