‘The Five’: Woke singer smears country music fans as racist

‘The Five’ co-hosts react to singer Maren Morris leaving the country music industry and claiming the genre is being used as a weapon.
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  1. 1
    Sherry Bedoya

    Wow! What a fool! So she is the authority of where the rainbow lies? 🤔 good luck with that honey!! See how well it did for Dixie Chicks? Bud Light? Kapperdick.

  2. 6
    Bill Flynn

    Too young for all that face work. That shows a problem right there. What a doughnut. And that is the true view of a liberal… "I will tell you what to think!"

  3. 7
    John Willison64

    Can you say ANOTHER major lawsuit?? I hope people stand up to her and sue her for slander, defamation of character and liable! let's make her lose EVERYTHING she has gained through her music career!

  4. 10

    Never heard of her she's kinda of hot.I think she needs to shut her pie hole and get back in the kitchen.

  5. 12
    Bite-Sized Shorts

    She obviously doesn't know about the black country artists that we have listened to on records, on the Grand Ole Opry, and elsewhere. The first black artist on the Grand Ole Opry was DeFord Bailey, who played the harmonica back in the early days in the late 1920s almost 100 years ago. There was also Charley Pride and some others. O. C. Smith and Ray Charles recorded country songs and had major hits.

    What we care about is good music. BTW, the first time I heard Charley Pride, he was a guest on the Lawrence Welk Show on TV. He sang a couple of Hank Williams songs.

  6. 16
    JC Mom

    Who is to say that conservatives and people from rural America are not feeling oppressed lately? Perhaps this music is very appropriate to play in this time.

  7. 22
    Richard Imon

    If Country Music is racist then what about R&B? I like both but WTH? What a crock! Everything is "racist" now so the word has no meaning

  8. 28

    I am a Houston-based Country music radio personality, celebrating my 46th year in Country music. If that's what Maren really thinks of us, she really just doesn't belong in Country music. As we say in the South, "Bless her heart". Good-bye, Maren.

  9. 29
    Cashin Tom

    This is a call to action! We must confront WOKE Ideology where ever it exists! Demonstrate everywhere! Stop WOKE Now!

    Why is common sense such a rare commodity today! Well in our humble opinion it is the education system and it's degradation since the end of the second world war. We have degraded universities from being more scientific to being more artistic. Within the artistic arena the WOKE environment was let loose to degrade into what it is today.

    The graduating PHD, MASTERS and BA WOKE students were let loose as teachers and professors within our communities at day cares, primary, secondary and Universities educational institutions, for 70 years, with degraded WOKE results. It is human nature, to fit in, rather than stand out. The WOKE MO! The value of any WOKE Degree; BA, Masters or PHD, today, is worthless.

    In the WOKE MO World, WOKE will shame, pressure and cancel you if you don't follow their beliefs! WOKE, in it's purest sense, is ideology without accountability. The results of implementing this ideology is the decay of our environments, both political and physical. Poverty, Homelessness and Crime have all increased! Countries and Cities, world wide, are in decay due to WOKE decisions. In the real world, you are held accountable for your bad decisions. Without accountability and a lack of checks and balances, Expect Failures!

    WOKE individuals are unable to learn from their mistakes, as they are always right! TRANS and Marginalized Movements found false sanctuaries within the WOKE world, to their own demise, as suicide rates for TRANS and Marginalized Individuals are at their highest rates ever, now 50+%! WOKE championed the COVID retail closures for two years. Today big chain retail operations are going bankrupt at an alarming rate and the Hugh Malls where these retail outlet existed are now also closing!

    What is happening now, is common sense is challenging WOKE and extremist WOKE, world wide. We must right the ship, so to speak! Hold decision makers accountable for their bad decisions. Let them go, Fire Them! Change course, where change is necessary. Common sense is available to everyone, even indoctrinated WOKE individuals. Often times, WOKE individuals are unreceptive to change! "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance., it is the illusion of knowledge" Stephen Hawking!

    WOKE ideology is a failure. WOKE Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investment Guidelines consistently shows negative returns. Removing ESG guidelines from investing will allow investing opportunities to realize their full potential.

    Every AI CHATBOT in existence today reeks of WOKE Ideology! CHATBOTS have lost their audiences today, due to WOKE! Removing WOKE influences within all versions of AI will allow the full potential of AI to be realized . GO WOKE GO BROKE.

    Our universities must also be reviewed and held accountable for their bad decisions. Let them go. Fire Them! Useless degrees and diplomas must be removed from all institutions of higher learning. Everyone just needs to embrace common sense. That is the challenge. The silent majority must rise and confront WOKE ideology. and give common sense the chance it deserves.

  10. 30

    Bye-Bye intolerant liberal. Thanks for exposing yourself and leaving. Your music was annoying and not country. Glad to see you go so I don't have to fast forward over your music on Sirius radio.
    Got a feeling you're not going to have a Taylor Swifty transitions.

  11. 31
    lilmama 44

    I downloaded the Jason Aldean song b/c it's TRUE and because I LIKE it & it makes me feel something & Proud of My Small Town!! She is trying to be relevant.🙄

  12. 34
    Lori G

    Cancel this idiot . Does anyone actually care what this bj singer thinks. She is out of country music because she sucks

  13. 39

    For a young country singer I have never heard of it looks like she has had many surgeries and looks incredibly fake….. I think she will fit in quite nicely with the woke culture.

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