The Fed’s job is not done: Larry Kudlow

‘Kudlow’ host Larry Kudlow reacts to the latest FOX News Power Rankings on GOP presidential candidates and discusses energy inflation ahead of the Federal Reserve’s next interest rate decision. #foxbusiness

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  1. 6

    Why do all these people think what they have to say is the most important?Why do they have so many commentators trying to out shout each other?🤪🤪🤪

  2. 8
    C.A Kirk

    Establishment vs. Americans; stop the border invasion, balance the budget, peace talks over Ukraine – or don't fund our hurtful, ( not just useless) government 😮😢!

  3. 9
    P. O.

    Yes there is a divide in the Republican party. For years the RINOs ruled, then the public "woke" up and concluded that RINOs and Democrats were essentially the same. If you choose to call those who DO NOT think Washington is the center of the universe Populists, so be it. We need more of them.

  4. 11

    I think that Ukraine is worse than every Biden family member and every Democrat in Washington and that's as about as bad as you can get people do your homework on Ukraine and you will understand what I am thinking about

  5. 16

    Stu Stinks. always trashed trump. maybe let up lately to appear "fair and balanced". stu should be assigned to cover material election fraud for which there is plenty. tell him to interview election fraud experts. maybe he'd respect trump

  6. 17

    Thank you for the video, I found out that investing is not for everybody, you just need a strong stomach too see your portfolio go down. It might be wiser for a novice to start with copy trading investing, but it is not easy. To invest in growth stocks it is another level, definitely you need to know what are you doing.

  7. 20
    Ricco Laroso

    America LIED to the Ukraine people FACT! The Budapest memorandum that America and the United Kingdom signed for Ukraine to give UP all of their military security and ANY country that will attack Ukraine they will be protected due to the agreed policy! AMERICA lied at the cost of Ukrainian LIFE'S! America's game plan NOW! is to weaken the Russian army at the cost of Ukrainian LIFE'S! and the fact that most of the top military companies and shareholders and politicians are makings millions of Dollars! America done the same to the Afghan people SHAME on you! us people on the other side of the world are NOT Dumb! we see everything!

  8. 21
    Aldo Biglari

    What sort of Diplomacy with Putin? What sort of Diplomacy with Terrorist Regimes like Terrorist Regime of Iran and Taliban?!! We need to be united (NATO) and despite of Ukraine not being part of NATO, we must push back Russia back. Because Russia will negotiate only if Ukraine accept the occupied lands and Territories by Russia!! Which is absolutely unfair to ask. The point is that European countries using Ukraine as a buffer in front of Russia. And they themselves dont want to confroont the reality of war ie: sending Soldiers to confront Russian Forces. US cant do it by itself. It must be a united Decision.
    The same goes with the Terrorist Genocidal Cult Regime of Iran. All European countries continue dealing with Terrorist Regime and Biden above all!! Till this unity is not happening we will see more dominace of both Russia and Terrorist regimes.
    Furthermore, we have China as well regarding Economy and its dominace in China sea up to Australia. Giving Leeways is enough.

  9. 26
    Phil Hiller

    Defund Ukraine. Drill baby drill. Russell Brand is against the Military Industrial Complex and look at what happens if you disagree with them.

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