‘Tension’ between nature of criminal, political investigations on display at Garland’s House hearing

Attorney General Merrick Garland was in the hot seat before the House Judiciary Committee fielding questions from Republican lawmakers regarding his handling of the investigations into President Biden and his son Hunter. Garrett Haake, Harry Litman, and Anthony Coley, who previously served as head of public affairs under Garland, join Andrea Mitchell to discuss. “I think if I had to come up with one word to describe what we all just saw, it’s tension. There’s not just tension between Democrats and Republicans, but there’s tension between the nature of criminal investigations and the nature of political investigations,” Coley says. “In criminal investigations, prosecutors follow the facts. The facts tell prosecutors where to go. With political investigations, members of Congress often start with the end in mind, right? And then they try to conduct an investigation to fill in the blanks to get the objective that they want. And so that’s what’s happened here.”

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‘Tension’ between nature of criminal, political investigations on display at Garland’s House hearing

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  1. 2
    Johnny baboon

    That trump appointed excuse is played out and is flimsy when you are the top guy in the doj i mean if Weiss was drunk or high was this corrupt garland going to say "i dont know" these dems and networks are crooked as Biden when they say "MAGA" like its worst thing to love USA isnt that a threat to our democracy i mean do these democrats hate USA if making America great is the worst thing in the world gimme a break this is treason

  2. 3
    End Game

    Wait ✍️ this down 🤔If I had some items that were illegal for me to have taken, or unathorized is a nicer word . I then held on to that unauthorized or stolen property and I also stored that unauthorized ,or stolen property improperly,which was illegal and nobody knew I had taken these items. But I wasn't hiding them . ✍️ But I then saw others ,( that I might have snitched on ) being charged for the same thing. Then by some rare irony my lawyer calls me and asks to search my work home and other premises for items they thought I might have . ✍️ Then I say go get them I only have some and they are at this place . Then they search more places and oops I forgot I had taken that many unauthorized or stolen items but it's ok because I said they could go look for them . well as long as I gave items back. Well I didn't really give them back they came and took them from me but I said they could well that's ok …Well… then I did nothing illegal. The feds the justice department everyone around me agrees with me . Wtfreak ???

  3. 6
    Linda Giles

    Republicans ran in inflation, crime and the border. Yet they hilding hearings, impeaching biden for nothing, hunter hunter, and shutting down the country. Deflecting from trump crimes and trying to hurt biden. Like we gone forget trump 4 indictments and their 6 week abortion ban ok. 2024 is about roe, and demarcrocy. Blue wave

  4. 7
    Anselm Danker

    Merrick Garland falling on this hanging tongue trying to remember which lie he told last.
    Amazing, disgusting and typical of Joe Biden 's appointments.😢😢

  5. 10

    Congrats to House Speaker Kevin. His career will not last long beyond 2025. Hopefully, he will receive the Law of Retribution. Worst House Speaker in America history.

  6. 11
    Marco Fresange

    This is clearly a political expedition and barking at the wrong, it's pretty obvious they're working backwards hoping to find something on Biden. If they start the investigation looking for violations by the Executive Branch on meddling with the Judicial Branch, then all roads lead to Michael Cohen's reincarceration case, when he sent back to prison after serving his sentence, this time when T** found out Cohen wrote a book. Cohen actually was sent to isolation for 16 days, this was a clear case of retribution or revenge for what Cohen did. Of course T** made it easy to weaponize the DoJ to do his bidding by appointing William Barr in 2020. This violation by the Executive Branch in the person of T** instructing Bill Barr to proceed with reincarcerating Michael was heard in the news, "I have instructed Bill Barr to proceed against Michael Cohen tor violating his contract with Trump Organization. . .", to paraphrase what we all heard in the news. This actually has complications for T** making him more vulnerable as new filing shows.

    Bravo to Former Adviser Anthony Foley for pointing out the difference between criminal and political cases. In here it's pretty obvious the republicans are working backwards from their end objective. Good one.

  7. 14
    Dan Moskel

    Our Department of Justice = America's Terrorist Circa 2023
    Fact Checked. The Biggest Threat to Our Democratic Processes and Our Country's Freedom is the Department of Justice. Jim Comey's Comrades. They're FAKE Police Officers. Communist Thugs. Russian Paid – Larry Nassar Protecting – Frauds. Hillary stole the Democrat Primary from Bernie Sanders in 2016, even Morning Joe & Mika Brzezinski told us … Tulsi Gabbard's NOT a Russian.

  8. 17
    Ruth Henry

    Nobody knows what Kamala Harris does.
    The media hasn't helped frankly as mums the word about her.
    Celebrate her works if done well or atleast share them.
    That's my opinion on it anyway.

  9. 19
    Richard Christie

    Garland wasn't working for the people or democracy for the first 18 months in which he did nothing to investigate the suits who orchestrated Jan 6 riots and the coup plots.

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