Six Democratic senators call on Sen. Bob Menendez to resign

Six Senate Democrats have now called on Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., to resign after he and his wife were indicted on bribery charges.

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Six Democratic senators call on Sen. Bob Menendez to resign

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  1. 3
    Russ K

    It's no surprise that a lot of republicans are trying to defend Menendez. With Clarence Thomas lining his pockets with "gifts" from a rich friend and the leader of the republican party (the Donald) having his own questionable dealings with his own finances, the republicans (the party of law and order) aren't willing to hold their own accountable. So they don't want to hold Menendez accountable either, just to show how fair they are. What a joke. Today's republican party is corrupt. They know it, don't care, and they aren't going to change any time soon. Vote them out it 2024.

  2. 4
    Christine Friedman

    It is a shame for a senator. It is clear that men like him are serving the known lobbies in return for money rather than their own countries. What a betrayal it is .The question to ask is how such a person, let alone being a senator, could become the Head of Foreign Relations Committee.

  3. 5
    John Simon

    He's being thrown to the wolves to protect the Party. The "old guard" all look to be corrupt, selling us out. And that's just not the top of the Democrats, but the Republican's also.

  4. 9
    Lily Oquendo

    This is a distraction to the Biden Criminal family! Leave Bob alone! The Real criminals is the Biden administration!!!! The slow creep is the socialist communist agenda of Biden!!!! I used to be a Democrat. And I’m disgusted with popular media like NBC ABC CNN etc…. Americans be careful what all the media is reporting. Make your own assessments

  5. 12


  6. 13

    Menendez should be tried for treason and potentially face the death penalty, in a perfect world. To betray your own constituents who put their faith in you to serve their interests as one of the most powerful people in the United States, and betray that trust so flagrantly for years for your own greed is absolutely unforgivable.

  7. 14
    Ola Jones

    Bye NATO, bye Biden, bye Democrats, We the people of America people are Smart 🤓 to know who to vote out of office In 2024, time is what you man 👞 can't control, God got the power

  8. 17
    Thu Nguyen

    Something to ponder:100 Senators at any given time/ 350 millions Americans citizen versus 3 senators of Cuban refugee origins/ a handful Cuban American in the USA!?

  9. 21
    Monica G

    How did the fingerprints of your brides pals get on the money? Ask the Egyptian generals to grant you a house in Sharm El Sheikh. I hear it’s lovely all year round.

  10. 23

    Innocent. Another bogus witch hunt like against Al Franken. Didn't Jim Comey say the SDNY were sympathetic to the right so they sabotaged Hillary's campaign by leaking investigation details? Are we to simply take SDNY's allegations at face value? It just smacks of phoniness. There's PICTURES of gold bars and stacks of cash which seems like psy-ops because they mean nothing in and of themselves. And there's no actual description of the alleged bribery or how we know it happened.

  11. 30
    Connie Hassan

    What a refreshing difference. Dems demanding accountability of their own. Compare this to how Republicans cover for their crooked Republican colleagues.

  12. 31
    Steven Kaufman

    No. He needs to stay in the Senate. Here’s hoping he gives us some insight into the corruption of his other party members with a plea deal. Let him stay, force him out, then offer him a plea to give up on his cohorts

  13. 32
    Dustin Barlow

    LOL Menendez is caught with Egyptian Gold Bars, A House paid off by an Egyptian Company/Entity, and he was undermining an Egyptian corruption investigation in NJ. What does everyone do? BUT TRUMP DID THIS, Trump did that!

    Its going to look humiliating when this dude wins his reelection. If Menendez wins this will be popcorn worthy. Why isnt NY recalling him right now?

  14. 33
    A L

    A lawmaker accused of bribery and extortion (with much proof), 
    and we are still questioning if he should resign? I can't
    get a job with a traffic ticket. American justice for some.

  15. 34
    mike fobear

    Breaking news!!! When a DEM allegedly commits a crime, you want justice for all. When a GOP allegedly commits crimes, you talk about the 'deep state; or a corrupt, weaponized justice system.

  16. 37
    Eldon Hagen

    Democrats have the decency to call out their own when they step out of line…
    The GOP on the other hand, fanatically support an ex-president who has a long list of indictments, and is actively trying to supplant our democracy with his autocratic rule.
    The difference is astounding!
    America, do not allow Trump to get back into the Oval Office!

  17. 39
    Deborah Freedman

    It's rich for Fetterman, who should never have been seated, as he is incapable of doing his job, to call for someone else to resign. We lost Al Franken to bogus allegations, and being hounded to resign too early, by lesser Senators. That mistake should not be repeated. Let justice be served, let him have his day in court. If, and only if, he is found guilty, Menendez should resign. Not before.

  18. 42
    Joe Edward

    Democrats need to stop these calls for their own to resign. There's a coup plotter running for president, and no one in the republican party is calling on him to step down. Democrats need to stop acting like integrity and morality are across-the-isle values. THEY'RE NOT. You don't take a seat away from a Democrat based on ALLEGATIONS during a time when republicans want to install an autocratic dictator. Be smart, Democrats.

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