‘Simply couldn’t be part of it’: Fmr. prosecutor breaks silence on quitting Trump-Russia probe

Former top official at the DOJ Andrew Weissmann and former FBI Counterintelligence Agent Pete Strzok join Nicolle Wallace to discuss federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy comments about her departure from the Durham investigation for the first time since resigning three years ago, confirming it was the politically-driven handling of this investigation that drove her to leave.

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  1. 1
    crap cutter

    Im an American. Millions and millions of poor Americans, thousands and thousands homeless. I simply cant be part of the democrat traitors flooding millions of foreign citizens into the USA unvetted and untested. Then the democrat traitors force us all…to pay the foreign citizens billions ..to cover their transportation, housing, food, medical and schooling. I dont understand it? democrats are traitors to the USA my fellow Americans. Stop the democrat traitors my fellow Americans.

  2. 2
    Melissa k

    MSNBC – a mouthpiece of the Democrooks' propaganda :
    "The border is closed and secured"
    Cocaine Hunter's laptop is "Russian Disinformation"
    Covid clot shots are "safe and effective"

  3. 3
    Gregory Brown

    "SuperHero SwampMan"
    Bill Barr–>Same as Joe Manchin
    Dies Bill Barr have any LLCS ???





  4. 7
    Beth Richardson

    MSNBC, whoever that has their mic on while he or she uses a marker/highlighter/pencil to take notes (or whatever) — the sound is VERY distracting.

  5. 8
    Damn Bunny

    Uuuuh, why does Bill Barr act like we don't know? We know now, there is evidence, recorded evidence, and video evidence. Who else are they trying to fool?

  6. 9

    He was real rude when he pushed them from the others we’ll be did that to himself. Americans should defend themselves against the government not citizens defend the government against other citizens that’s a foolish mistake to make go against you neighbors for the government naw that is a cult

  7. 10
    Nick Machiavelli

    Big big problem with what she is saying. By the Summer of 2020, she is not telling you FBI could produce no evidence whatsoever of "russian collusion" and discredited itself in court; as a result SCOTUS declassed FISA for the first time. See FISC Dec 5,2019 Redacted Order 191220 and FISC Jan 7,2020 Declassifed Order 16-1182.

  8. 12
    Tim Stangle

    Even …by I can't call it…or by the so called…hahaaaa…..this dork…NEVER..NEVER…NEVER.. EVEN ONCE
    ….GOT THE
    …L …WORD…LAID..

    ..DUDE 😂😂😂😂😂😂…NEVER

  9. 15
    Tim Stangle

    Oh . Hookoo… lookkkkkeeee. The TOYAL 🐀…RAT

    WHOLLLLAY shot


  10. 20
    Dee Wells

    Nicolle Wallace's words mean nothing. She herself spent much of her life supporting Q-Party. People like her got Trump elected. Of course, she denies any responsibility by claiming to now support democrats. Likely a Kennedy 2024 supporter.

  11. 22

    Wow!!! Why would anyone believe anything these three 🤡🤡🤡 have to say. Hard to document when Government officials delete, wipe data, falsify documents & evidence. 😏😤🤬🤬🤬🤬

  12. 25
    Rena Manvelova

    There should have never been an investigation you people waisted that money got your investigation and now are blaming the investigators what a joke . Your desperate you want to investigate money being laundering look at all the evidence that piled up against Biden you selective outrage common petty peasants .

  13. 28

    Both sides are hopelessly corrupt. I’m reminded of the leftist coup attempt on Karl Rove over alleged leaks to Robert Novak on the identity of Valerie Plame. In reality, it was Young Sheldon’s grandpa (Richard Armitage) who did the leaking AND THE LEFTISTS KNEW IT all along.

    I’ve been following this stuff a long time boys and girls. Both parties are fooling their devotees with the kabuki theater while they ROB YOU of economic freedom. They both spend trillions we don’t collect in taxes and rely on the FED to print the shortfall not covered by debt auctions. It’s called “inflation” and it RESULTS in higher prices eventually.

  14. 29
    Vernon Maldonado

    The irony is that many of us knew without an investigation that Bill Barr was lying and corrupt in real time as the events occurred. Bill Barr was acting as a partisan hack and throughout his tenure as AG. For someone appointed to enforce the rule of law to do the exact opposite is a huge discredit to both Barr himself and to our governmental AG office. He should be in jail as well as anyone in the corrupt Trump administration.

  15. 30
    tess lake

    As an independent, is there a way for Americans to file complaint against bill barr ? Because I feel whole justice need to see truth for fellow Americans ..

  16. 36

    Bill Barr should be an an indicted conspirator. All Bill Barr's strong talk visa vie Trump is just a way to divert attention from the corrupt practices Barr engaged in regularly to benefit Trump.

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