Shutting down the government is ‘not going to give us more leverage’: GOP rep.

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., discusses the infighting among Republican lawmakers as they discuss federal spending and a potential government shutdown. #foxbusiness

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  1. 1
    king Idris God X Us Diplomat

    Its not its going to make my compensation go up more I'm at 5billion it's going to be six billion soon poisoned chemical dust stabbed public humiliation framed 🖼️🪟 failed diplomatic experiment safety and Liberty ✔️🗽💳

  2. 2
    Dennis Cartter

    Not so funny but just a few years ago we were all trying to stay alive from the Corona Virus didn't take long for everyone getting back to out of control government alot of Hateful and angry people

  3. 11

    we're sorry we have to …. we don't want to ….. but we have no choice.
    so we must raise the debt ceiling. seen this how many times ?

  4. 12
    kinjun ranger

    If the republicans actually listened to it's voters, they would shut the government down for an extended period of time. But I jest, we all know they don't give 2 $hits what we think.

  5. 14
    Linda Adrid

    Who cares about a few benefits today when we lose the entire country. Hold the line and don’t keep the status quo that got us here. Weak people who think they can negotiate with Democrats.

  6. 19
    Deshawn Crisp

    If the people have no governing body , governing them , how can they enforce the law "?, are the laws , not INFACT null and void , on the days the government shuts down ?", ask a judge , the Supreme Court ",

  7. 21
    Lucy Pal

    My greatest concern is how can we recover from the current economic and global challenges, especially considering the ongoing political power struggle in this United Nation's

  8. 23
    Martin March

    Baloney….shut it down ! Scrap FBI and give duties to US Marshals ! Rotten to the core ! Impeach Biden and Mayorkas and Garland and Wray and Blinken and Pete immediately…outrageous

  9. 24
    Dave Cochran

    Shutdowns, historically have had next to zero lasting impact on the stock market, 401Ks, etc….but let's not let facts get in the way of curbing spending.

  10. 26

    These Politicians are just down right terrible in office now. Please Vote More Wisely Forward clean & drain the swamp called DC.

  11. 30
    Joyce Ben

    Hit 200k today. I'm really grateful for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in June 2022

  12. 33
    Miss Reserved

    I don't care if you shut down!! Open borders borrowing millions from China JUST to give to Ukraine!!! WHAT DOES GOVERNMENT DO TO HELP AMERICANS!!!!?? GO AWAY!!

  13. 37
    Mays Ville

    The Republican Party, the party of law and order. No. The party of national security. No. The party that supports our troops. Hell No. The conservative party. No. MAGA, the Republican Party, their weakest Speaker in history and their disgraced felon leader are extremists. Now they’re going to force a government shutdown. "Whores for power, sluts for money and the pathetically fearful.", John Heilemann. VOTE BLUE for democracy. Your vote is your power.

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