Seven California school districts adopt gender notification policy

America First Legal’s Ian Prior discusses the fight for parental rights in California on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. 7
    Caucasian Bulldog

    The Satanic cohort are always looking for ways to compromise Christians and Christianity by forcing them into morally compromising situations. They are ever busy trying to devise ever more diabolical devices to try to force them into following evil.

  2. 10
    USA First

    What does this say about our legal system, that a judge can arbitrarily make a decision of this magnitude? This needs to be addressed immediately at both the appeals court and if necessary the Supreme Court. Unless physical and or mental harm to the child, the courts and social services need to back down. The judge should be reprimanded for allowing political persuasion to influence the decision, obviously a very poor choice to the legal system structure. Get politics out of the legal system and let the legislature do their sworn duty.

  3. 12
    Bradley Bunt

    SImple solution, stop paying taxes and they stop getting funds for the schools. And home school your kids, get them in home school groups.

  4. 17

    So In the womb the mother has ABSOLUTE rights over her children, even to abort them, but when they are in public schools mothers some how loose parental rights to protect them from gender cult indoctrination and trans predators in bathrooms??????

  5. 21
    Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Teachers will notify Parents when Kids Steal, hit another Student or assault a Teacher, bring drugs or a weapon to school, become a problem in the Classroom, fail to do their homework, going on Class Trips, etc. but not when the Kid is thinking about cutting their penises or breasts off?

  6. 22

    These people hate kids
    First they rioted over keeping abortions and wanting abortions after birth
    Now they demand they castrate all male kids

    These people need to rename their country…
    Paedophile country.
    That state is not American and they shouldn't have the luxurious lifestyles that Americans live

  7. 24
    Sara Wilcker

    What is wrong with you Americans? This is the most important issue going on for a student's? Jesus Christ makes me glad to be somewhere else.

  8. 26
    Peter Richards

    These people are just sick. Could you ever imagine a time when government would try to forcibly keep parents in the dark about their children..? Just incredibly unbelievable…

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