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  1. 7
    Maria Sclafani

    It’s a disgrace & he should ably by the dress code just like everyone else, cops, nurses, firemen, security guards etc. etc. they’re letting him get away with it, that’s the problem.

  2. 8
    Jason Miller

    Who cares what they wear! Just do your dang job and debate stuff, make compromises and get stuff passed to help our country move forward.
    So, so sick of all this partisan B.S.!
    You all make like a $175,000 a year, but you don't do anything other than bicker back and forth!
    Start doing your dang job you were elected to do! The American voters and taxpayers are getting tired of this con and power play you are running. We work are asses off everyday to provide for our families, and we only make maybe half what you fools are paid for doing nothing!
    #vote incumbents out.

  3. 9
    Keith Allen

    You can dress a bit down if your young and goodlooking. Old out of shape giant body hairs. No. No its not working. A gentleman is clean. We are a example too America and the world.

  4. 16

    It’s always entertaining to see the Democrats attempt to outdo the Republicans in terms of lacking common sense in policy making. It’s just an endless battle that never ceases to amaze.

  5. 24
    M G

    Sorry, you got elected to the office you dress in appropriate attire. They have big and tall men shops everywhere go buy yourself some business casual at the very least! Good lord!!!!

  6. 28

    Who cares!?
    It's not as if any of them are doing real work anyways! They might as well be comfortable, none of them are doing sh*t for us, the average American citizen!!! I mean, just look at the conditions of this country; while Ukraine and immigrants are receiving all the help/aide.

  7. 29
    Michael Gonzalez

    Ted looks like an Enriquez Manuel Cruz of Cuban decent but born in Canada and thinks he's a Texan American. His shirt on the back reads : I'm a grifter from the debunked Tea Party Movement, kick here.

  8. 31
    Edward Chiplin

    Dress like a professional and by all means, do what all of our congressmen and women have yet to do. Behave in a professional and ethical manner.

  9. 35
    Corey Washington

    This the least of there worries however they represent our States and when they travel abroad they represent the Country. They should look apart but dress down days is fine as well!!

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