Senator mocks McCarthy’s impeachment announcement

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) mocks Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) call for a formal impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. #cnn #news

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  1. 15
    william coburn

    Some feel that way about you sir and your illness , funny how ur too sick to vote on certain topics but here u are laughing about someone losing their position, can’t wait till it’s your turn.

  2. 23

    Whats even funnier is watching this clown speak lmao. He was standing next to Biden and said " der uh Buns I am standing with a broken president and uh uh umm i-95"

  3. 34
    amanda james

    Wow fettermans looks sure have changed. Tattoos disappeared and face looks diff! And can put a sentence together. Wonder who this clown is

  4. 41
    Dirty Bird

    This fetterman is overall embarrassing for the whole state of Pennsylvania in reality…. sorry truth hurts…now flag away crybabies

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