Sen. Warren: House GOP wants Trump back, and will ’cause pain’ to Americans to ensure it

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is unable to control the “handful of extremists” who she claims are “hellbent on imposing pain on the American people so that Donald Trump can improve his chances of getting elected in 2024.” The senator joined Joy Reid on The ReidOut to discuss the looming government shutdown and Senator Tuberville’s blocking military promotions.
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  1. 2

    Former republican and veteran here. Still have my complaints about actual democratic voting failing to align to rhetoric but completely done with a "now" fundamentalist party that is following in the footsteps of 1960s Afghanistan or 1970s Iran. I didn't serve for 16 years in the interest of supporting a single minorities "right" to destroy the establishment clause of the first amendment for the rest. The speaker in name only tries to present as a moderate while being puppeted by MAGA; there are no more moderates when they can't moderate the fringe.

    I still hold a mixed bag of "conservative" and "liberal" ideals. But… being unwilling to 'punish' bad behavior would be no different than getting upset at Bud Light and still buying a case regularly out of loyalty. If the republican party is going to "self"-correct, it will be because those like me are more than willing to hit them where it hurts; power. Ship out… or shape up. But not another vote in the red column until I'm satisfied in their repentance.

    I'm boycotting the GOP until the platform is devoid of all effort to criminalize theocratic sin. So, probably blue from here out.

  2. 4
    Gloria Gruca

    Elizabeth Warren is a true patriot, and has always fought for the people. Republican power play, government shutdown. They are revealed.

  3. 5
    Steve Rimnac

    Trump MAGA are trying to shut down government now to harm the United States. This mean that they may repeat the sedition on Jan. 6, 2021 again in Jan. 6, 2025. Trump MAGA is a enemy of the United States. The US has 1,000 terrorist groups. Most countries have terrorist groups.

  4. 8
    The Swarm

    Trump, Biden, McConnell, Warren…all these old people need to retire! They are a threat to the country and the world. They are ALL wrong!

  5. 9
    khudadat baluch

    Trump's out here acting like he's the judge, jury, and executioner! "Defund these political prosecutions against me and other Patriots" – seriously? This is getting absurd.

  6. 11

    The rules in the senate seriously need to be rewritten. For instance, there should never be a possibility of a government shut down. If a new yearly budget hasn't been decided by the date, then each month should merely repeat costs from the previous year until something has been updated (new budget). OR, make it so all members of congress that are in at the time of a shut down cannot run again. Our forefathers never wanted the senate to have this much power, as an entire caucus or individually, such as tupperware holding the pentagon hostage. At the very least, the stance, or victim the senate is making should match the cause. Abortion over military promotions? Anything military, or for our national security such as this, should be out of their reach. What ever happened to not negotiating with terrorists? The GOP are modern day terrorists and as a highly decorated veteran, I've never been more disgusted with my country. My WHOLE country. Such a place that FOX is allowed to do as they've always done. MAGA morons in as high numbers as they are, and just not having a better system in place for what the republicans are doing and for why they're doing it. I honestly don't think I would have fought for my country if I knew I was fighting for such a weak set of rules that doesn't protect against all of the things the republican party has done, and is doing.

  7. 16
    Elizabeth Ewins

    I am wondering if this is feasible. Kevin McCarthy creates a shutdown of the government. Is it possible to remove him and the extremists who prevented him from doing his job with a no confidence?Shutdowns have happened to many times we need to have a solution. So removal is a good way.

  8. 17
    WA S

    Weren’t a majority of them supposed to have already been removed in accordance with Amendment 14, Section 3? When the Constitution demands that people be removed from Congress if they do certain things, and they are not removed, this is to be expected.

  9. 20

    Had enough seen enough out of democrats promise something do nothing . Can’t run a city without koas in the streets. Trump 2024. Feed up the corrupt system term limits .

  10. 21

    Well, i sure hope that the people in OREGON, who voted for lori dreamer instead of Democrat JAMIE McLEOD-SKINNER, after we smartly voted out that DINO, kurt shrader, are paying close attention to what she is helping the repugs do to this country – as in driving it into the ground on behalf of the Insurrectionist in Chief!

  11. 24

    Trump is more dangerous to America than Osama Bin Laden EVER was.

    The threat of Trumpski is that whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he destroys the communal good, the democratic pillars of American society.

  12. 28
    John Doe

    Already here. The demize of America has already begun. The invasion an conquering of new york with out resistance. Used to be leaders of America. No more

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