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    T Lum

    The core problem with the "Electoral College" as implemented is the "Winner Takes All" in every state. It is the antithesis of a popular vote. Any candidate that gets exactly 50% + 1 SINGLE VOTE gets 100% of the electors. If the electors were chosen by at least a proportion of the votes, it would be more fair. Eliminating the electoral college would be ideal but a proportional electors system would "approximate" a popular vote.

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    Kitten Diotima

    The work on democratizing our Constitution stopped in the 70s…hmmm…what happened in the 70s? Feminism & Roe v Wade gave women social and political equality, and ever since, the very conservative fundamentalist Christians who dominate red state politics, and the wealthy donor class, have been working to overturn Roe. Both groups have also maintained their gender roles, in fact, for the most part, they've ignored all the social changes & cultural changes that have happened since the 60s. They're started 50 years ago with a plan to take over the courts to overturn Roe v Wade, and while centrist Dems have pooh pooed Roe ever being overturned, and pretended the GOP wasn't becoming an un-democratic party. Our msm is mostly owned and operated by both conservative and liberal centrists who love GOP tax cuts and hate GOP culture wars, has ignored the GOP rigging the system thru voter ID suppression laws, stacking the courts with far right activist judges not afraid to legislate (or act as the FDA or the exec branch) from the bench, using the courts to gut the Voting Rights Act, striking down Citizen's Untied so dark money could flow into GOP coffers, taking over state legislatures so they could further erode democracy with extremely partisan gerrymanders that both disenfranchise a majority of voters in the individual states but also in the country bc districting effects both state and fed govt, shattering norms by blocking all of Pres Obama's judicial noms and refusing to even have a hearing for Merrick Garland thereby stealing a SCOTUS seat, manipulating the electoral college and getting a Repug elected so they could totally take over the courts to protect their partisan gerrymanders, voter suppression laws, book bans, anti-lgbtq laws, and laws protecting women from abusive men. 

    We've almost lost our democracy, and ppl are finally noticing that one of our political parties doesn't care about fairness, the Constitution, fam values, they don't even care that conservative media is lying to them and would prefer that it continues to do so, all they care about is winning. They will maintain their facade of being the "good church going ppl," and they will believe it, but they can hardly be the ppl they pretend to be and lionize Donald Trump, they can hate on lgbtq ppl, POC, as if that makes them "good" rather than prejudiced bullies, but there are those of us who always thought their fam values were more of a weapon, rather than what they really care about, and Trump has borne that out.

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    James Richard Wiley

    That's a no brainer. The entire Congress is afraid of Trump.
    When this is over I hope legislation will be passed that will make it easier to put a stop to this kind of bullying by a demagogue.

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    rabukan 58

    One of the most important interviews on any American news channel and very few will ever see or hear about this. Many of us have been saying this for decades, and still the most radical minority of crazies rules over the majority of American citizens. The system is broken, is crumbling, and yet we can do nothing about it… unless this becomes a grass roots movement, which requires knowledge of these problems, and not ignorance, which is currently prevalent.

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    Harry Pearle

    MESSAGING of DEMOCRATS SUX, but this is great
    When will Democrats work on better reasoning, to reach all VOTERS to wake them up?

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    Timotheus van Esch

    Isn't the duopoly that the USA political arena is, outdated in itself?
    I mean, isn't "winner takes all" not a líttle outdated?
    A 1-party system is a fail, so much we know.

    But isn't a 2-party system a ship that doesn't know which course to take, since it will go left, then right, then left, then right…
    How does it want to progress? The only result cán be polarisation.
    UK has the same problem. (I believe they have a small minority 3rd green party, or something)

    In most other European countries there are much more flavours to choose from.
    So people actually have to think about policies & strategy when voting.
    You can vote green, or for animal rights, or for neo-liberalism, or socialism, or libertarianism, or communism, or social-liberalism, and so on and so on.
    Usually 3-5 parties get the majority of the votes (say 75-80%) and they have to figure out how to form a government that gets at least 50.1%
    (I would prefer another method, but still).

    I would say that is múch more democratic than "winner takes all".

    ps: Thanks to the bombardment with your 2-party-system since 1989, I have the feeling it is getting hollowed out in Europe as well.

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    Dan S.

    These two are right, the jewish minority has suppressed the will of the WASP voter for decades and now they want to officially demolish the constitution since we are now a minority in our own country

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    Kathryn Geen

    Gerrymandering, anyone? I’d say start with that first- use computer indexing to draw districts and then see how the electoral college serves us with fairer representation.

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