Schiff: Trump’s ‘Meet the Press’ interview ‘music to the ears’ of prosecutors

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reacts to comments made about the 2020 election and the January 6 insurrection by Donald Trump during the former president’s interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
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  1. 3
    Common Sense

    Hey Schiff. Where’s your Russia collusion proof you said you had? What a clown. The left is the most desperate party of all time. Destroying the country for votes and power.

  2. 5

    Adam Schiff (D), the greatest lier of the the 2000s to date. Merely asking him a question and watch as the lies spew from his flapping,

  3. 6
    Rob G

    Machevellian, narcissistic psychopath! It's why he gets along with Putin and Kim Jung-un as he said many times. And why he hates American POWs because they got captured. True heroes make him look bad.

  4. 8

    Who would ever believe Schiff after 4 years of lies? "Evidence in plain sight.." – where Adam? You never produced it. Give pencil neck an enema, you'd fit him in a matchbox.

  5. 14
    Mark Degloria

    Schiff not being in prison is horify. Russia Hoax perpetrated by the Dems was High TREASON. Manufactured evidence? Bogus FISA Warent. Real Criminals.

  6. 15
    Birdie Miller

    Go ahead! Send Trump to jail, I rather like China better these days anyway!
    For China to give Disney, CA, money to keep operating, doesn't mean China had control of how the money was spent. Much like the USA, as long as, our wealthy elite are doing well and China is playing along, all is well. But, the moment, China says, wait a minute. Or better yet, a less expensive electric vehicle! Then there is the issue of chip sharing, in our fighter jets? really?
    But, I get it, it's all China's fault.
    It's all Putin's fault, ya'll have to sell weapons to 164 countries, just to maintain power.
    Then, to end it all, America is so proud of the gays, they help them print 'children's porn' for children to read, 'Not All Boys Are Blue'; I wonder what China, Russia, Africa, Jamaica, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, think of the children's book.
    To all countries, how many of you have had a Senator read quotes from children's books like Senator Kennedy did?
    And how many of you tolerate the use of cocaine in your staff, let alone your security team? And how many are going to continue to cow down to America? for what?

  7. 16
    Anthony Collins

    But I'll bet you $1,000 us he gets away clean.
    His friends are afraid of him and won't do their job.
    Trump is a crazy. He thinks he's untouchable. Above the law

  8. 19
    Robin Z

    Schiff should be charged with treason. And it was Pelosis to call in the national guard. Nothing the democrats do can prevent Trump from becoming president again. The democratic party is done.

  9. 26
    Michael Kingsley

    Trump will never be convicted and he will win 2024.
    What i would like to know is when you leftists can't stand the coming deep depression do you know how to stop the pain?

  10. 29
    Jason Hose

    How on earth can anyone watching Biden think this guy is a president. Come on. You wouldn’t let this clown run a daycare. Would you Americans wake up! Look at the state of the world with a WEAK, CLUELESS, CORRUPT administration.

  11. 30

    When will CNN apologize to America for supporting a president who is breaking all our immigration laws, the biggest human trafficker in the history of America, a person who destroyed our economy, creating high gas and food prices, a guy who sold out America for millions of dollars for all his relatives, who uses the intel agencies as a gestapo, arresting political oppoinents, who got us in a proxy war with Russia, who got in through fraud by his own admission, who has infected our military with wokness, who lies almost every day, a person who spreads hate and division, especially against Caucasian Americans, a person who abandoned Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan?

  12. 37
    Robert Millar

    Why would you (Trump) think the election was over at 10pm? The answer is he knew that at 10pm he was likely to be in the lead and that the postal votes would favour Biden. He attempted to disenfranchise millions of voters which is a crime.

  13. 43
    Suzette Lilly

    No other US President in office or retired; GOP or Democrat, has been such an embarrassment to the World as Trump. He lied about 'rigged voting'. He was in charge of the US GOV. If it happened it would have been ON HIS WATCH—SO prove it. He didn't because it didn't happen. And he is responsible for Jan 6 and the people who died.

  14. 44

    Guess it's okay for anybody to have a gun until it's Hunter Biden, huh GOP? You'll back up gun rights before school kid bodies are even cold, but a guy who buys one legally and never even uses it? He's the threat? Pathetic.

  15. 48
    La Ho

    The CCP's delaying tactics have appeared again, privately communicating with the United States Sullivan to do business, and saying cruelly, what about Biden? Why would you want to do that? Do you want to keep the Communist Party ruling China? Or do you want to continue to fish for oil in China? The CCP's foreign affairs director Wang Yi and Sullivan immediately ran to report to Russia after communicating with Sullivan, we don't know when the US government is going to act? On the surface, the United States is soft, secretly colluding with Russia, and then going to low-income countries in the world to continue to infiltrate and buy political leaders, will such countries continue to condone? The US Department of Defense said that the CCP's spy balloons are not harmful, is it harmful to hang nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs over the United States?

  16. 49
    I. M Q-2

    You people in the media crack me up. You go on and on and on, analyst this and that.

    Guess what? You havent scratched the surface on the underlying issues that motuvate this crooked loud mouth to begin with.

    Trump is a business man-crooked business at that. He takes classified documents. Why? Bussiness and product. Do you need an analyst for that one?

    Secondly his speech about hes runing against obama and bush is an act and its architected around a riddle by the PLA. He uses that to say who hes with so if you want to do businesss with him, thats who hes with and China will keep ensuring hes got the product your obluvious too.

    With well under an hours worth of replays on your broadcast on jan 6th, i saw more in that time and figured more than these clowns in congress.

    So lets go to your full of it analyst and the polls and miss the entire point.

    BTW. Your finance site was quite useful for me to figure out some money laundering things and foreign ties with defense contractors and 2 adminustrations past.

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