Ron DeSantis responds to Kevin McCarthy’s dig: 2022 ‘red wave’ crashed and burned

Florida gov. and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis responds to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s comments, a possible government shutdown, 2024 polls, his energy policy and the ongoing border crisis.

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  1. 5

    Ron is the most bought and paid establishement GOP candidate. You want a dude like that to lie to get your vote and not so as promise?

    Ron slogan is “Promises made, Promises Evade”

  2. 6
    June Byrne

    Trump added 8 trillion to the national debt. That is the worst during any previous administration. Putting trump back in will make national debt worse. He is so rich he has never had to run a budget.

  3. 7

    The governor neglects to mention here that he eliminated a Black state representative through the gerrymandering plan he forced through the Florida Legislature. That adopted gerrymandering plan has since been ruled a violation of Florida's constitution and must be redrawn before the 2024 election. The target of the governor's gerrymandering may have been Democratic voters, but the end result was racist, because most of those whose voting power has been diluted under the plan are Black Floridians.

  4. 11
    Valentin Vetements

    All fat and mercenaries, in America commands that pollutes more there is no more problem of public debt because the Macdonald and Amazon work in Europe, this is conformism of those who do not know that tornadoes and American mines are the best to hide the homocides of the government

  5. 13

    True, they are not at the same level. When it comes to character, class, maturity, and self-control, DeSantis is at a significantly higher level than Trump.

  6. 14
    Анатолий Шатунов.

    I am glad to welcome everyone and many thanks to Foca Business. But I believe that Ron Dentis should be nominated for president from the Republican Party in 2024, I believe that Trump made serious strategic mistakes in foreign policy, yes, Trump had low taxes and a secure southern border, but Trump decided to finance Ukraine during his presidential term and provided Ukraine with tools in the war with Russia, but Trump claims that if I had become president in 2021, Putin would never have attacked Ukraine, but you, Donald, had four years to resolve the conflict in Eastern Europe, to complete the border wall, but you have not completed it, and now four criminal cases have been initiated against you, but you are incurring legal costs due to contributions that are being made to your election campaign. I think that Desantis is able to restore control on the southern border of the United States, resolve the conflict in Eastern Europe, as well as in Transcaucasia, you look at what is happening under the Biden administration.. Russia is uniting in a military alliance with China and North Korea not in order to develop trade and economic relations, but in order to establish a totalitarian world order in the whole world together with China. I think the Joe Biden administration will do everything to prevent the elections from being held in 2024. The neoconservative establishment ruling in Washington promotes the global agenda of the new world order. They need a new world order. This is something that people need to understand. I prefer Desantis because he was a military lawyer during the Iraq War, he has seen a lot during his military career, and I think Desantis needs to talk about this more often during the election campaign so that people see that there is an alternative to Trump and all other candidates from the Republican Party.

  7. 18
    Libby Carnahan

    CLIMATE CHANGE is our largest NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT and you are not MAN ENOUGH to admit that you understand it and know it requires action. You work with the ARMY CORPS to plan for Sea Level Rise but you don't even want to talk about those Adaptation Efforts. And the Mitigation Initiatives include EV Cars are part of a large toolbox of solutions that we need to INNOVATE and UTILIZE so that you 3 little RugRats can grow up to see their own grandchildren.

  8. 19
    Libby Carnahan

    Sure he got 4 new GOP Congresspeople from Florida. It helps that he just ILLEGALLY REDREW THE JERRYMANDERED MAPS!!!

    Yes even though it is constitutionally the job of the Florida House and Senate to draw constitutional maps BUT DESANTIS DOESN"T CARE ABOUT THE FLORIDA CONSTITUTION. HE HAS WORKED w Florida GOP TO CHANGE ANY LAW HE DIDN:T LIKE.

  9. 26
    Julie W.

    WITHOUT Unity, Republicans will be scattered like sand. SAD to say, but if Republicans constantly have so much BATTLE among themselves, where's the support, love, & God's spirit? Nancy Pelosi loves to be the speaker again, what Republican invites?

  10. 28

    I agree with Kevin they aren’t in the same “level” RonDeSantis is in much higher level than Donald Trump in many ways, RonDeSantis is humble, modest, he has served America…. God Bless America and RonDeSantis the leader who has already delivered what Americans need! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I remember clearly back in 2020 while RonDeSantis was guiding people to take off the masks and while he was allowing people to go back to work , Trump was “misguiding” people to go get vaccinated; we can now confirm that vaccination would not make a difference regarding the ability to maintain people at work! Keep going Ron together we can win!

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