Rev. Al: I didn’t hear concerns over Bernie Sanders’ age when he ran

The Rev. Al Sharpton discusses how President Biden can take on questions about his age.

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Rev. Al: I didn’t hear concerns over Bernie Sanders’ age when he ran

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  1. 1
    Barbara Harley

    Biden age is not a factor but our democracy is leave President Biden alone he is doing a great job as president THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BIDEN 2024 BIDEN 2024

  2. 5
    Michele Jackson

    Bernie’s views, personality, mental sharpness, and policies overcome most normal age and health considerations. Maybe the Dems should get smart and take note of that!

  3. 6
    Ann MacKay

    As a former campaigner for Bernie, it was a constant issue for Bernie. People always said Bernie was too old. It’s simple, make a law that establishes a logical age limit for President.

  4. 9

    Center Left are cowards.. Extreme Right didn't care about Ronald Reagan's age?? They don't care about Trump crime spree???

  5. 10
    Coty Elliott

    Some people age prematurely. Biden slurs his words, omits words, seems confused often, falls down, etc. I think it's safe to say he is not aging well.

  6. 14
    Rashaun Williams

    Biden age isnt the issue the issue is americans making decisions out of desperation.obviously we,ve learned nothing from the trump presidency. Trash talking and arrogance doesn't make you a good president.

  7. 16
    Pp Wn

    Yuck, WE Don't want him. 59% of DEMS. He was a band-aid. Now get someone good in there or you're going to get a Republican president. You all sound as narcissistic as Trump.

  8. 17

    81 million Americans didn't seem to have a problem with Biden's age in 2020. They were busy focusing more on saving America's Democracy. And Americans will have to do so again in 2024. Protect American Democracy at ANY cost.

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