Retired general details what he thinks could come from Putin-Kim meeting

Retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling shares his thoughts on the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. #CNN #News

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    George Price

    I think the state department has it all wrong I don't think you're going to see one bit of ammunition go to Russia I believe Putin is getting ready to make his move he is held back I think for a few reasons on the full occupation of Ukraine and I think more than anything he wants and needs an allies in case this goes full-blown NATO war with Russia and this is wrong I personally don't think the United States at this point in time anymore should be getting more involved in this war believe me I don't like Vladimir Putin art of the Russians for that fact . But this is a war where Putin feels his security of his country is that risk and I kind of look at it like how would we like it in Russia build a military base with missiles on it in Mexico on the border with Texas. We wouldn't stand for it for a minute or a second United States for a long time . Has been getting Ukraine all jacked up and putting a lot of nonsense and a lot of Ukrainian politicians of yours and people's ears this is somewhere in place we should stay out of. Because when you're in this close proximity to Moscow and Russia the Russians will not hesitate if they lose any kind of conventional war against NATO and may not even want to fight a conventional War it just start sending nuclear missiles everywhere that's it and all for what Ukraine!!!!! and it's a growing number most Americans now are don't want anything to do with this war anymore I mean the quicker it's over and Russia occupies Ukraine and sets up it's puppets the better and quicker this will be over.

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    Joann Phillips

    Mr. Putin is just trying to protect his people and his country and everyone knows Russia has oil and we all know how the United States is stealing everybody's resource and everyone else's country is there is nothing in America everything was brought here from other countries

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    Joann Phillips

    I think mr. Putin is wonderful man not going to be bullied and he's not going to be pushed around by other people from think we all need a minor business and stay out of other people's country

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    What Dear

    Biden is the worst thing that could happen to the United States, a shameful flight from Afghanistan, a war unleashed in Ukraine, where NATO equipment is burning due to cheap Russian weapons.

  5. 8

    Putin is really hurting to have to lower himself to the level of fat rocket man Kim Jung dumm, LMAO. Russia needs to get rid of Putin by what ever means possible and save their country.

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    RK G

    South korea supplying weapons to ukraine… now russia and north korea will trade weapons and technology… North korea will get more advanced weapons..

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    Sean Flynn

    Hitler justified invading countries claiming their German minorities there were oppressed. How's this different? Russia is behaving like UK in their imperialist colonial days. Russia didn't give damn about Donets Basin or Crimea until Ukraine turned towards west and freedom Russia invaded and has flattened cities and committed war crimes. Putin is to the 21th century was what Hitler was to the 20th. Both short men compensating by turning authoritarian, stealing freedom, murdering opponents and riling their population with lies and nationalism. Attacking peaceful neighbors and sacrificing their youth while destroying their own countries and making their people hated by all but other backwater authoritarian dictators. WW3 may only be beginning now God help us all.

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    Crazy Canuck

    What insightful comment: "you scratch your back, you scratch your back" (sarcasm alert). I think he kind of missed the point of that idiom.

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    Marc Johnston

    The United States is looking pretty naive and helpless. Sanctions are not working, and Russia is already scoffing that the USA can toss their sanctions in the dirt bin. Any fool can see Putler is going to provide North Korea with nuclear missile technology for the ability to incinerate US cities in a nuclear attack, and all the US is doing is waving UN rules, calling for more sanctions and complaining. With both Iran and North Korea, the old policy of Mutual Assured Destruction does not work, and Putler has seen that with Ukraine, that if you are armed with nuclear missiles, the USA will be too intimidated to intervene. So, in a strategic move if he arms North Korea, and they swarm and attack South Korea, maybe North Korea nukes a South Korean city as a demonstration of what he can do to US cities, will the USA chicken out, accept defeat, and abandon its allies. On the flip slide, if there is a nuclear exchange between the USA and North Korea and the USA gets wiped out, Putler realizes he still wins, because the USA gets taken out as a rival, and he can continue on his ambitions for world domination, without even to use a conventional army, but just to threaten any country with nuclear annihilation if they do not accept Russian rule.

  10. 30

    They are literally laughing at the spineless American President stating that the greatest threat to this world is global warming! Not a nuclear war! The temperature going up 1.5 degrees is more threatening than a nuclear war!??? That’s your President democrat.

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