Republicans have not learned ‘obvious lesson’ on how to defeat Trump

Chris Hayes on the 2024 Republican primary field: “Somehow they have not learned what was probably the single most important lesson of when he crushed the previous field in 2016, which is this: you cannot successfully defeat Donald Trump in a Republican primary by running to his right.”
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  1. 8
    DJ Pomare

    The Rise and Fall of the Divided Sates.

    Remember when the US was praised for Ali, Elvis & MJ.

    Now the US is laughed at for Orange Stupid, school shootings and pandemic mismanagement.

    MAGATs believe repeating lies make it true. Let's try it out. I'm a billionaire. Please tell me I'm billionaire to make it true. Nope not yet, say it again.

  2. 12
    John Crow

    Are you really this stupid…. they know exactly what they are doing…. they roll out the carpet for him to guarantee he gets in which helps the republican take over the house once again lock stock and barrel….
    It's all about money…..

  3. 14

    Democrat propagandists haven't figured out, they dont dictate who the Republican party supports.

    Trump will be the Republican nominee, and Biden will lose versus anyone. His poor economy and immigration policies are whats going to replace him.

    The ONLY option democrats have, is to support the gop impeachment of Biden so that you can put forward a new candidate. Or allow debates in your party to find a replacement.

  4. 15
    Jim Burley

    MSNBC – exactly why would we want TRUMP defeated? To make u happy? Independent voters see democrats BIDENFLATION, cost of living, mortgages 8% open boarder joe did this

  5. 16
    Louis Baldini

    If joe Biden is honest and open ask him were he got the millions of dollars he has now and the offshore accounts and foreign bank accounts, if he so Honest it shouldn't be a problem right ?

  6. 21
    Andrew Andrew

    I assume MSNBC would have bee bankrupt if it wasnt for Donald Trump? Do they ever report on anything else? You hear non stop from these robots that he's illegitimate and he's definitely guilty and nobody likes him and how he can't win in 2024 if he tried…. but these networks work around the clock to make sure you know that. To the point where it ended up not mattering for people that just accept that our president now is a senile ghost.

    Why do people willingly subscribe to this confusion culture if they're really againt political corruption?

  7. 23
    Bill Randleman

    The Clinton/Obama/Biden cabal and the Bush/Cheney clan are all on the same totalitarian world order team.
    Trump is more liberal than the current regime on all social issues.

  8. 24
    Sandra Bonifay

    Rump will sell anyone out as long as he benefits and he is not conservative he is an authoritarian dictator wannabe like Putin. Vote 💙🗽⚖️🇺🇸

  9. 25

    PutTrump and Biden in the same jail cell and tell NoBama to shut up and go away. Sick of the whole bunch of self-serving crooked liars. (Add a whole bunch of Congressmen and Senators to that group too)

  10. 27
    Barbara Holden

    I do not why the Republican Party all of them every single one does not just stand with trump he is the only one that has a chance of getting this country back on track after what the dem did and still have over a year left.we need to get the dem OUT stand behind trump and vote vote vote for him !!!!!!

  11. 30
    Jim Schachtschneider

    I am bemused by the fact that so many of these conservatives have pointed out again and again that Trump is not a real conservative. It is true that he is not a "traditional" conservative. That does not matter to Trump supporters. Trump caters to their fears and prejudices about immigrants, minorities, "non-Christians" and the educated "elites". Every time traditional conservatives and liberals attack Trump, his supporters feel that they are being personally attacked.

  12. 33

    is the obvious lesson to defeat p.trump by any means necessary like what happened in 2020, u don't want Free and fair elections using voter id and paper ballots and a 1 day election the CORRECT WAY to defeat someone it's very obvious.

  13. 34
    k vasnaik

    Let’s put all this to bed,Trump is the pick and he will be running against Biden,Biden cannot step down or not run because he has to have the pardon gift to pardon his family and himself period

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