Republicans find scapegoat for auto workers strike: Woke cars

Some of the more savvy Republicans have managed to reverse-engineer a perfect scapegoat for the auto workers strike: woke cars. “This line is a great way for Republicans to avoid sounding like the anti-union, bosses lackeys that they in fact are,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. 1

    Don't underestimate the Republicans and their sounding boards t Faux to distort and mislead their listeners into Believing that It's all Biden's Fault the workers arent getting more money and a better deal.But they will not tell you that "If you elect Me" you would get your money……Republicans would jut as soon as Fire everyone striking worker and then pull your Children Out of School to work on the Assembly line. if it would mean more money for the corporation and it's leaders.

  2. 4

    Tesla isn't unionized because he's relocated large numbers of jobs to states that are anti-union. These states are anti-union because laws impeding organizing were put there by THE GOP and laws supporting unions at the federal level were overwhelmingly voted against by the congressional GOP

  3. 5
    General Mailbox

    Haley is bashing Biden as the most pro union president in decades, you mean most pro working class president in decades and Scott is saying he would fire striking workers which is illegal and unAmerican… So tell me again, why does any working class citizen vote Republican? Pretty stupid for a working class American to vote Republican..

  4. 7
    Mr. Hand

    Meanwhile Joe Biden is working feverishly to eliminate the very vehicles that these workers build.
    Biden hands us record inflation, 5 dollar gasoline, and rising interest rates, and tells us hes looking out for the middle class.
    Sorry, Joe…NO SALE.

  5. 10

    After TFG promised labor he would bring back all the manufacturing jobs to get their votes and he didn't deliver, do you think labor learned their lesson about which party is really a friend of labor? EV's are mature technology and are absolutely necessary for the green energy transition to save the planet. The longer the GQP fights this transition, the further ahead our global competitors will get because the whole rest of the world is forging ahead with EV's at light speed.

  6. 11

    You know what's also woke? Thinking itself. All our modern philosophies on logic and reason were basically developed by guys who wore dresses and took their little kiddies to gawk at naked guys with their things flopping around during all the naked guys sporting events being held at the time.
    They might not be "woke", but what Republicans REALLY need to go after is numbers. Our numbering system is called Arabic Numerals, honoring the Muslims who created it. Also, a huge chunk of math was itself created by, yes, Muslims!
    Republicans, you must ban thinking and numbers and math in your states now!
    Oops, I guess in some ways, at least in the area of thinking, you've already started on that.

  7. 12

    This is exactly the reason the sleepy democrats and their sleepy Joe president should have smelled the coffee and jumped on this opportunity that Trump did and it should have been sleepy Joe or any other better democrat candidate speaking on the worker picket lines during the GOP debate. It would have put them in a seat of advantage optically and it would have preventing this pivot the GOP is making about woke cars. It's like the dems don't even know how to play even the most basic of politics and the optics that are so critical to winning. Thats one area the democrats do seem to be deplorable.

  8. 18

    Hydrogen is the way to go , it’s cheaper to covert a gas engine to hydrogen then to make an electric car , there starting to do up here and they work, there’s not enough minerals in the world to make all theses electric vehicles!! Take a hard look people the technology is there and big corporations only want to benefit themselves , give it some thought the facts are there they just don’t want you to KNOW!

  9. 20
    Hamfists Man

    I've had my woke car since 2017. I charge it with woke solar panels. Gas is almost $6 a gallon today. I'm so woke I don't want to pay that.

  10. 22
    James H.

    It would be interesting if the US shuts down electric car production, leaving good, Canadian-built electric cars to dominate North America. I wouldn't mind that at all, but Americans might.

  11. 26
    Mike Tran

    Remember the Coal unions that Trump promised the world to back in 2016? Yeah.. no one does either because he didn't do anything once he got into power.

  12. 29
    Evil Dave of Canada

    I can't believe what employers can get away with in the US !!!
    In Canada, the Federal Labour Laws require that any time worked over eight(8) a day or more than forty(40) hours in a week must be paid at 1.5 times the employee's regular wage.
    An employer CAN NOT at any time, for any reason, demand that people work overtime with majo fines involved if they do. Some of our laws not only fine the company y BUT also the person who broke the law. It's because of that, that a lot of people will refuse to do a company's dirty work as they will be punished as well.
    At the last place I worked before retiring, the management (who had to have been brought in from the US) refused to give my friend his Record of Employment (which is Federally Mandated for use by our Unemployment Insurance system) and when UIC contacted them to request the document, they actually told UIC (Unemployment Insurance of Canada) that they would not issue him one.
    So UIC immediately issued in writing that the company was being fined $1000 dollars for every day since the end of his employment until the ROE was issued.

    THAT is how a country protects its workers, unionized or not.

  13. 31
    Robert Hebson

    It is a fact that EVs, having fewer parts than do ICE vehicles, require fewer workers to produce.

    Among their truly insane demands, the UAW wants the Big Three automakers to guarantee that no Union jobs will be lost as the companies transition from ICE to EV. Anywhere but on MSNBC, this would be seen as a nonsensical demand.

  14. 34

    "Unhappy with how we are treating you? Here's someone else to hate." That is the GOP go-to. The baffling part is that "evil cars" is like the nineteenth supervillain they've offered up since 2016, and the GOP voters fall for it again and again and again. Just wallow in hating someone, Folks, what else is there to live for?

  15. 35
    Tim Robertson

    Procter&Gamble is the Grandfather of the Woke movement! The Company is so corrupt they should be called Corruption&Woke. I can’t believe Cincinnati elected a P&G lawyer as Mayor. If that doesn’t smelled rigged nothing does. This guy cannot be trusted! Woke Mayor Aftab Hairball!

  16. 37
    Steve Price

    Totally hysterical, typical, and expected that the anti-labor republicans will just spin anything and truth be damned, but I disagree with you on your soft defense of electric cars because they are a fallacy in concept. The production emissions from building each EV is greater than emissions of building and driving a competing gas efficient car. Let’s put the auto builders and the ranchers together and figure out how to harness and neutralize methane – now we’re saving the planet. Then instead of goofy woke politics we can move to the next obviously logical phase, “cowpoke” politics.

  17. 38
    Lake Hart

    How many Americans can hear The Loudest Voice of "The Coach Industries" when all The GOP speaks! Make The Coch Great Again! Dround America in pollution and Climate change!

  18. 40

    Hmmm, anyone else notice that there seem 2B alot more Strikes taking place since Biden, from the RRs to Amazon, to the Auto Workers & all manner in-between? That's because LABOR knew they had NO support from the party of maggots! And now trump thinks he's going to roll in & pretend he EVER was. I sure hope the Gas Stove makers don't go on strike too, cuz they will really be in 4a gaslighting!

  19. 41

    Oh wait, the other day, wasn't trump trying to blame the Union Leadership, as in they were selling the Rank & File a bill of goods … you know, they old divide to conquer.

  20. 42

    Trump to auto workers: "I gave your bosses billions of dollars in tax cuts. One day soon some of that money will start trickling down into your gas tanks. They can't all keep buying superyachts with their money, can they?"

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