Republican vows not ‘to expand Nancy Pelosi’s spending, Biden’s policies’

Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., explains why he plans to vote against a continuing resolution as Congress faces a budget deadline. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 2

    Single issue bills with cut spending and ZERO more to Ukraine. Seems like Matt is doing the peoples work and if the GOP is not willing to fight for the people we need a new GOP

  2. 3
    B L

    Why does pelosi keep coming up as a person in power in this congress?! she lost that months ago. time to move on time to deliver for the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES! Come on, move!!! Also, if anyone really reads this, be aware of whats going on around you. We have Military age illegal immigrants flooding into this country every DAY. From mostly communist countries. The enemy is among us. They are armed, and have a mission.

  3. 5
    Tracy Harris

    The democratsRhinos should lose their pay and all their profits the made in their jobs. To pay for all the interest that they stuffed in the bills.

  4. 8
    Patricia McClanahan

    She wants her nephew, to run for President Gursom in because Gitty paying for it big time that’s why she’s running again lol it’s all over in other countries people talking

  5. 14
    Pamela Sue Everidge

    McCarthy has done nothing to help nothing for the American people he has not done his job since they pointed him as Speaker of the House he should be removed if he's not going to hold his word and keep his promise that he promised the American people this man lied to the American people and he is not a good speaker at all

  6. 15
    Pamela Sue Everidge

    Kevin McCarthy lied to the American people and he's still lying to the American people he should be removed if he's not going to hold up his words that he said when they made him speaker in January he lied to the American people what he was going to do for the American people what kind of a speaker are you Kevin McCarthy

  7. 19
    Bill Stevens

    Biden stop give taxpayers money away to border people who most of them are murders. The people of America has to put a stop to Biden giving taxpayers money away. We all should stop all at once paying taxes. Biden thinks it his to give.

  8. 21

    Shut'er 👎 down. Clean house, Purge and down size all Federal agencies with unions operating in the red. And Stop voting Democrat, get help, double up on therapy, stop getting vaccinated, listen to your parents and stop twerking, find a job. Remember the Democrat Party has been taken over by a freedom stealing, Power hungry Marxist deep state.

  9. 29
    Thomas Rodriguez

    It is time to start firing bureaucrats, lifeterm politicians, government employees. Homeland security needs to be shutdown, and liquidated. The lobbyists need to be kicked out of DC. They need to kick the ones out from China the most.

  10. 32

    ..essentials, largely the bulk of the Budget? Oh, really?

    Speaker McConnell said he was not allowed to look at 80% of the Budget.

    The bureaucrats we do not need are hiding there? Is Kerry there?

    Is Department of State 'advising' media with propaganda there?

    The J6 instigators and agitators are there?

    How much is heavily larded with pork? More fat than cheap bacon?

    No, Maria, we are not going to keep or maintain the flow away from the U.S. and our lives. Every time you push for an omnibus, CR or not, just to keep it going?

    Fund the military?

    Where is the money they were given? It is not in Ukraine.

    It is 'missing'.

    Biden and the Biden administration are looting the government, and it is no secret.

  11. 37
    Christine Moore

    How about y'all stop acting like teenaged boys in a locker room trying to prove who has bigger balls and start doing what's best for the American people!

  12. 38
    Vicky Mendoza

    What is wrong with Maria she has no common understanding of what a continuing resolution does which it simply delays the inevitable and nothing to help the problem of run-away spending.

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