Report: Former Trump aide claims Giuliani groped her in new book

According to the Guardian, former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson claims in her new book that Rudy Giuliani groped her backstage at the rally that preceded the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Giuliani political adviser Ted Goodman in a statement called Hutchinson’s claims a “disgusting lie.” #CNN #News

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  1. 1

    Writes in her book.. ok + Rudi was being a perv again.. tapper you narrated the salacious details
    Ratings ? Dude please et tu Jtapper et tu. Leering smile 2:43 and now another audible by gig reporter j tapper.
    Ask for better ? Ted’s ghost would✌️🤘😮

  2. 4
    D Sacrod

    Rudy is just being like Trump, his mentor…..Trump said in that Access Hollywood tape "I just grab 'em by the p*ssy!"
    Rudy is a sleaze.

  3. 5
    Andrew Page

    Came back to see if CNN provides any actual news. Nope, still just deranged , low IQ propaganda 👌 Some things will just never change 🤣

  4. 8
    D Sacrod

    Rudy's lawyer is even suing Rudy for $1.3 million in unpaid work. Rudy is a vile creature. He lied about the election being stolen.
    Wait – wasn't this guy "America's Mayor" at one point!?
    Of course Bill Cosby was at one point "America's Dad", so, uh……

  5. 11
    Glee Branham

    Yeah..the disgusting old man who plopped himself on the bed and frantically groaped himself him on film we're supposed to believe is above what's in her book… gimme a break

  6. 14
    Brenda Wertz

    So this is the level J6 democrats want to go after Sund’s testimony??!!!!😡
    How much did the democrats pay this hoe to tell this lie???!!!
    I bet dogs wouldn’t hump her leg!!!
    When nothing else works…
    Democrats dig up sleazy women who would do anything for the dollar!

  7. 17

    She wrote a book? 🙄 Oh FF sake 🙄 She intentionally went TO work for him, KNOWING he was an utterly evil scarecrow.

  8. 23
    Jack Jack

    Peeping Tom John Eastman should be indicted for the leering the smile he flashed as America’s Mayor Rudy was groping Cassidy. Special counsel Jack Smith has now a groping issue to prosecute 😂😂😂

  9. 25

    She's just looking for a paycheck. If she had really been sexually harassed she wouldn't have waited until now to say something about it.

  10. 29
    judith sullivan

    It's established by reports Giuliani's a sexually aggressive pervert and Eastman's disgusting and a proven hypocrite, did the unaccountable power enhance the perfect environment?

  11. 31
    Keith Allen

    Objectively speaking, she is young, smart, and attractive. It is extremely plausible given how men in power often conduct themselves to believe that she was sexually harassed. And why she would not want to press charges…

  12. 32
    Guy Masone

    Birds of a feather flock together so if birds of a feather fell a need to remain together. My wish is they go down together because that is called poetic justice .

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