Rep. Himes (D-CT) when asked if Government will just down: ‘Yeah, we are’

Yasmin Vossoughian, in for Katy Tur, spoke to Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), ranking member of Intelligence Committee, about Congress’s meetings with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and the race to avoid a government shutdown.

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  1. 3
    Ana Morales

    All the money for zelenski
    Nothing for american for
    American people with the situation bad that happen
    Actually and Biden send .money and money
    Every day to ukrania.and
    What happen with his own
    Nation ?.bad thing.

  2. 4
    Don Jessop

    They got nothing to lose Congress is going to get paid don't pay these loud my congressmen and give their paychecks to the military

  3. 7
    Kitten Diotima

    If ppl are worried about money and the debt, let's REPEAL THE TRUMP TAX CUTS. Pres Clinton balanced the budget, W Bush created the largest debt in American history with huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corp subsidies, Obama cut W's astronomical debt in half, Trump created even bigger debt than W., again with huge tax cuts for the wealthy and crop subsidies–wealthy welfare. The debt can be ENTIRELY laid at the feet of the GOP!

  4. 8

    At the eleventh hour they'll all come together and vote to pass so that the government doesn't shut down. Then they all Pat themselves on the back and say how well that they came back from that six weeks vacation and got this done


  5. 11
    Linda Sue Jasa

    Republicans don't care if millions of elderly and disabled human beings become homeless & hungry.
    They are the party of "If you're not wealthy, you don't deserve the support of Government."

  6. 12

    Republicans don't have a plan, there is no strategy, they can't even agree on if they have a policy.
    Everything is a knee-jerk reaction with them … never well though out and usually with catastrophic results.
    And Republican voters are so stupid, they think this is going to "save America".
    Save America from what?

  7. 15

    I wonder if American people understand whow the GOP is gambling with the security of the US and the worldwide reputation as reliable partner and world leader. The actual behaviour of the GOP is simply criminal and american voters should not forget this game when they are voting next year!

  8. 18
    chris stratton

    FU cnn…..seriously, you poll 1200 people and that's a realistic picture of America? BS! There's more than enough Americans who remember WWII and the threat of Russia to world peace.

  9. 20

    1.5 billion dollars in Russian assets have been seized (not frozen) by the U.S. The president can release that money without any approval from the legislative branch.

  10. 21

    The maga message is "get on your knees and salute your leader and president for life donald trump. Good luck with that kids…we'll see ya at the voting booth. The GOP is who should be pondering the food bank.

  11. 22
    Pelle Storck

    Russia is taking over without firing a shot at any US citizen. Putin will thank all the useful idiots in congress and have the rest removed.

  12. 24
    David Gregory

    Trump-GOP lawmakers illegally engaged in obstruction of justice, treason, sedition, insurrection should be arrested, prosecute d, maximum penalty for every conviction. Save this country from GOP terrorism.

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