Rep. Buck on spending bill: ‘I am anxious to make sure that we don’t have a shutdown’

Katy Tur spoke to Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) about the race to avoid a government shutdown, Kevin McCarthy’s future as House Speaker, and whether or not he’s running for reelection.

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  1. 3

    ffs why cant u ask why u only care about the debt when the dems r in charge,,, ffs $7 trillion dollars the gop put on the debt with out a word

  2. 4
    Bee free

    It’s easy take out all the nonessential garbage in the bill. Limit it to the minimum required to keep the government open.

  3. 12
    Palo Duro

    Borrowing money from China because we’re broke and giving it to Ukraine is no doubt the dumbest thing any administration could do.

  4. 13
    Nicosia Dellairo

    You're like a bunch of petulant third-grade children, stomping their feet saying if we don't get our way we're going to shut the government down. We would have liked to have seen less spending as a country when Trump was in office also but we didn't get that and the Democrats worked with the Republicans to make sure there wasn't a government shutdown not something I think a lot of people forget.

  5. 14

    Ken Buck's voting record aligns completely with maga and trump so I'd take anything he says with a huge grain of salt. He just presents well on camera and nobody knows much about him. Check his record. Better yet, ask him about the 2025 project.

  6. 15
    Willie Williams

    America's is worrying about Hunter Biden they have let Russia and China into Mexico America is being surrounded and the American government worrying about a laptop

  7. 16
    Nicosia Dellairo

    If people in those districts reelect these people.. just know that you guys are to blame and not the Democrats… Like that Republican congressman said… they don't know how to govern or simply just don't want to govern. This is all self-inflicted so for Ken Buck to say that it's anything but that is asinine. The freedom caucus is what's the existential threat to the country,sir!! They talk about fiscal responsibility but him and his party during Trump's presidency added 8 trillion dollars to the national deficit!! They always get up there and talk about fiscal this and responsibilities that but they had no problem giving tax cuts to the rich, did they? And now they want the American people to pay for..again!!

  8. 17
    Nicosia Dellairo

    He's literally saying he doesn't want a government shutdown if they get everything they want or it's an amount that they agree with… An amount and a procedure that's never had a problem ever before in history. These people do not know how to govern! It's totally self inflicted and more people need to be more angry about a government shutdown that was solely created by the GOP!! This will affect all of us because the Republicans aren't getting everything that they want!!

  9. 22
    Warrin Bang

    Yada Yada from Republicans on govt spending cuts to social programs but it's always Nada Nada when it comes to fair taxes on their billionaire and multimillionaire donors to help reduce the deficit.

  10. 23
    T. R. Campbell

    For the first time ever under the Biden administration our national debt is at $33 trillion. $33 trillion. Let that sink in a minute all of this is going on under the Biden administration. We were all upset when Trump increase the national debt, many were outraged. I don’t see much criticism coming from our progressive media for this massive amount of debt.

  11. 25
    M Gass

    "we're making progress"

    Translated: "Once again, as a minority, we the GOP are holding the government hostage and the spineless, feckless, useless democrats are caving to some of our demands, but, not enough for us to let the hostage go."

    WTG democrats! ONCE AGAIN you are giving the GOP whatever they want JUST because they THREATEN to do something!!! How courageous you are to stand up and fight!!! Oh wait… nvm… you never do.

  12. 26
    Timmy Page

    The national debt went up over 8 trillion dollars in 4 years under Trump. Republicans can save the fake outrage over our debt.

  13. 27
    Nic Lewis

    An unmitigated disaster, a clown show, dysfunctional, lunatics, a Festivus of airing grievances. Republicans own descriptions of Republican failures of the House.

  14. 32
    Nic Lewis

    "Rhetoric from House Republicans leave their counterparts in the Senate to spare them from the burden of having to Govern"

    – Rep Kevin Cramer

  15. 33
    mike happy

    A shut down of what? This is the most dysfunctional government in a100 years. Crime, Taxes, Our border, our spending. MY god shut it down and 1776 over

  16. 36

    Hey Hunter, get that suit ready 😂😂Hunter Biden request to appear in court by video rejected by judge
    Delaware judge Christopher Burke says Hunter Biden must not receive special treatment..

  17. 40
    Kassandra Silver

    OMG! The nonsensical drivel just goes on and on. Rump's "handlers" want to see Democracy destroyed, because Oligarchies do better under a Dictator (that they prop up), than under a less predictable electorate. Rump is a straight up TRAITOR. His Enablers are Straight Up Traitors. His followers are Monumentally, and probably Irretrievably, Stupid. I'm sure it is a lot of fun for the pundits to kick around the legal minutia, but the Majority of us who are still in possession of a Brain, 2 Eyes, and 2 Ears can see what the "rightwing" is doing. The only thing I am interested in hearing about are Legal Maneuvers to keep ALL Insurrectionists OFF the 2024 Ballot, under 14(3). Period.

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