Prosecutors announce bribery charges against Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan holds a press conference to discuss the indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., and his with Nadine on federal bribery charges. #foxnews

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  1. 2
    Rosida pakpahan10

    Rosida pakpahan,mau numpang lagi buat komentar, disini.. marilah kita bersama-sama mendoakan ROSIDA PAKPAHAN,5.5.1991,dan sama-sama mengatakan amen dan sampai selama-lamanya..amen

  2. 4
    Ror Schach

    Well, in Europe at least we know that the dollar is on his last legs. Why else is there a BRICS. The next best thing as a backup is having gold. We should never have left the gold standard. So its not that odd he has gold in his posession. A lot of people (who can afford it) are stocking gold.

  3. 5

    So the menendez indictment is only to show there is no bias, if they don’t indict him the fix is in. The republicans are so dumb their own argument doesn’t make sense.

  4. 6

    Interesting how the Dems are saying menendez needs to go. If it was another crooked Republican indictment the Republican caucus would clam up.

  5. 7
    Savage GameZ

    Much respect to the Democratic party for exposing corrupt politician, even their own. Unlike Republicans, Democrats don't protect criminals in their own party. As an independent, I have to respect that

  6. 8
    Green Eggs and Ham

    It's the deep state cabal ran and directed by Gymbo Jordan, Gaetz, Cruze and the ring leader Trump out to get Mr Menedez. We will fight against this by asking his supporters to pay for his lawyer fees. Of course we will enlist the aids of Gulianni to tell the Repugligcant this this is all a witch hunt which has resulted in a failed indictment in the previous attempt. The Repugligcan will fail on this second witch hunt!!!

  7. 11
    Fire 4 Effect

    I guess the Biden Administration is weaponizing the justice system against all corrupt public officials and citizens. So much for the "two tier" justice theory.

  8. 14

    Menendez has always been a crook. He should have been sent to prision on his last indictment. Beware people many more of these crooked politicians are guilty of these crimes against us.

  9. 18

    So i heard this Senator waa charged in the past for a similar crime and he was acquitted by a jury. How stupid people are to not punish people like this only to allow it to happen again.

  10. 19
    Pmurt Dlanod

    Good to see Biden DOJ goes after all criminals. Too bad Republicants don't care to get rid of the criminal element on it's side. I guess when your supporters are ignorant & criminals, it means you can do what you want.

  11. 21

    We got a perfect cellmate for Trump. His name is Menendez. He is a bad hombre from Mexico. He has the gold bars. Trump will respect that.

  12. 26
    R. SCOTT

    Bob Menendez takes “hundreds of thousands” in bribes; resulting in years of undercover investigation, and indictments.

    Joe Biden takes upwards of Fifty Million in bribes, gifts, and payoffs; resulting in the largest coverup by our DOJ in US history.

    Moral of the story: No one F’s with a Biden.

  13. 27
    R. SCOTT

    Soooo, they were able to pull his fingerprints off of a banknote/ cash; that was likely touched by multiples of people, but couldn’t pull a print off of that coke bag in the White House, which was used over & over again by the user?


  14. 29
    Joe fiumar

    After reading 20 head line story's about him and his wife the only only one that call him out as a democrat is Fox news. Check it for your self its so obvious that other networks shield their own narrative

  15. 31
    James Madison

    Everyone notice how Democrats ARE NOT trying to shut down the Dept of Justice to stop the investigation / prosecution like Republicans are trying to do to protect Trump Gaetz and the other crooks.

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