President Biden speaks at a labor-focused event with Brazil’s President Lula da Silva

President Biden delivers remarks with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil about the launch of the Partnership for Workers’ Rights. #foxbusiness

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  1. 2
    Allan Soares

    I'm Brazilian and I'll explain what happened… Whoever says 'Can you hear me' is President Biden's translator, The Brazilian president just continued to make his speeches without addressing Biden!

  2. 3
    Bank Burner

    Americas government clearly don’t mind looking weak and utterly stupid. It’s a well worn joke now, the US that is. This man Biden has dragged the US down to an all time low. It’s frankly beyond an embarrassment now. The only way it will get lower is if they make the clown Harris president then they might as well just give up as there’s no coming back from that. I don’t even laugh at it anymore as it’s just sad. ..

  3. 7
    José Augusto Figueiredo

    Question! Lula, president of Brazil, votes in the American elections next year? Biden's speech is for his voters, as he faces a strike. Biden spent the three years of his term sending money to Ukraine, where his son had interests.

  4. 8

    When Biden was growing up , his father had a saying. He said "Joe, you're a Schiff Head". His father was a smart man.

  5. 19

    Please, Don't let him give any remarks anymore. It's just mumbles and lies and everyone can see it. Makes our Country seem very weak

  6. 21
    Brenda Craven

    He's going to say he's Brazilian now. Holy crap. The Brazilian President is talking and Joe's looking at his phone. He says are you listening Joe? He goes WHAT?? What an embarrassment.

  7. 25
    Mark Roberts

    How, can anybody talk about labor that spends,more time at the beach than at the Whitehouse??? STFU, go back to the beach!!! America, has got to impeach THIS imbesile!!!

  8. 26
    Adra Clack

    I can’t stomach even listening to this, I’m gonna make one comment one only- do you hear that noise? That’s the noise of the majority of US citizens laughing at you.!

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