‘Preposterous’: Conspiracy theorists think John Fetterman uses a ‘body double’

“Since ascending to the Senate, he’s become the subject of this truly stupid, insidious, and honestly pretty funny conspiracy theory that he has been replaced by an identical body double,” says Chris Hayes on Sen. John Fetterman.
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  1. 5
    Kevin Hower

    If you're still getting your news from MSDNC, then at this point, you're going way out of your way to be spoon-fed establishment approved propaganda so you can remain in your echo chamber.

  2. 7

    Let’s focus on what actually matters instead of conspiracy theories like for example the million illegals that have crossed since Biden took office or the massive debt and the fact Ukraine is demanding 25 billion more when Americans are already broke. Ray Epps gets a misdemeanor while people who weren’t there get twenty years. He got a misdemeanor you 🤖

  3. 8

    People who can’t think running the senate ..

    Hmmmmmm. Go Fetterman your biggest accomplishment changing the dress code because he put on his own clothes.

  4. 11

    I imagine this started out as a prank some high schoolers is making in their room. Do people really think these government workers like Green and her fellow morons are in any way good for our country and democracy?

  5. 13

    Barrak Obamas birth certificate has been proven a fake, but when you pull the strings, the DOJ will just put their heads down and say there isn’t enough credibility…..and same goes for the media… no credibility

  6. 15
    steve Abq

    I'm 6-8, 300lbs, and have a mustache, but im not bald, and democrats are ruining this country. Biden is a puppet for the idiots ruining America.

  7. 19
    Lindsey Light

    Sick, sick, sick of these deranged, depraved and twisted MAGA's & GOP's who concern themselves with such nonsense. How about worrying about the country and it's people. How about world issues. All that wasted energy could be used for doing something useful, constructive, healthy.

  8. 20

    And the Government wanted the Capitol invaded ……….why??? Ray Apps says Storm the Capitol …..who????? Stopping the count on June 6 will help Biden ……..how????? It was just a bunch of tourists …..what???? Trump called in the National Guard to assist …..NEVER!!!!!

  9. 21

    Classic tactic. Start your piece with a ludicrous fringe conspiracy followed by a very real one to discredit it. I hope your audience isn’t that dumb.

  10. 23
    J Stud

    It’s funny how these always start off as “crazy republican conspiracy theories” and then they turn out to be true. We never get the follow up videos either…

  11. 31
    Kathleen R

    Chris IT'S NOT HALF THE COUNTRY!! STOP saying it is half the country. I has NEVER BEEN HALF the country. LESS THAN ONE QUARTER of the country voted for Trump. —- First of all, children under the age of 18 make up 1/4 of the country. Of the remaining adults eligible to vote, only 66.7% of them CHOSE to vote. Over 159 million people WHICH IS about HALF the country. OF THAT HALF, Trump got LESS THAN HALF of THAT. (46.8%) and Biden got just over half of that (51.3%). (other candidates got 1.8%). SO, the people who VOTED FOR TRUMP are 22.4% of the country. LESS THAN ONE QUARTER of the country voted for Trump. Less than 1/4 of the country. THAT'S who supports Trump.

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