Polish president warns of ‘great war’ involving US troops if Russia is not stopped

President Andrzej Duda, President Of The Republic Of Poland, joined The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the Ukraine, Russia war, asking President Biden to give more military equipment to Ukraine and how former President of Poland Lech Kaczyński predicted in 2008 allowing Russia to invade Georgia would lead to an eventual invasion of Ukraine  #FoxNews

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  1. 5

    The fact is if there is a great war Biden has completely depleted America. When that great war starts America will be wiped off the planet in 6 minutes and the war will be over. Ukraine will surrender and we will be dead.

  2. 11

    If Vladimir Putin is not stop, he will continue. He needs to be stopped anyways the days of conquest are over the illegal invasion of Ukraine and daily killing of innocent civilians is unacceptable isolate Russia today

  3. 18
    Jason Gardner

    They need plenty of shovels and undertakers, because Ukraine is getting mauled, and both of these two know this. Prez here is appealing for American boots on the ground and lots more weapons, but they just ended their own weapons shipments to Ukraine. I smell bs. Minefields are a huge tragedy but the US isn't sending nearly enough cluster bombs. He literally just said both of those things. Is Fox so beholden to the war machine that NOT ONE HOST has ANYTHING negative to say about this war, even though the candidate they supposedly support has come out and said he wants to swiftly end it? Pathetic. Now i see why they get compared to MSNBC and CNN.

  4. 26
    G B

    Ukraine is Russia. Russia wants it back, now. And, Russia wants to be the most powerful empire in population as well as SIZE. This will not end, whether we give aid or not.

  5. 29
    ww w

    so what. if the divided states troops are real men and have any balls they would be going into ukraine to fight the Russians right now – no indiscriminate bombings, no nuclear bombs – just a good ole fashion gun fight

  6. 32
    sunflower lover

    Lol after Poland has only sent Covid supplies and vaccines he has the courage to threaten the American people? No Poland, it will be your people, not Us.

  7. 33
    Daniel Wargo

    Letting Russia win this because the right wing in the US is following an old fool who doesn't like Ukraine for turning him down on finding political dirt on the current president and his family is the height of madness. Without a world order that NATO and the EU keep the peace with, there WILL be WWIII…Trump and his followers are wrong in being Pro Russian.

  8. 34
    Danny B

    Is that the same Poland that just announced they will stop sending weapons to Ukraine because Ukraine is a "drowning man that will drag us down with them"?

  9. 35

    It’s a sign that we vote for village fools to govern us…1-Zelensky can see he is being used.2- Been stupid to think Ukrain can defeat Russia-3- USA should just fight Russia direct instead of killing innocent people

  10. 36
    Swimtome 1

    îs this a Poland PROVOCATION?
    (Polish president warns of 'great war' involving
    US troops if Russia is not stopped)

    US troops might fight with Russian troops in Poland or in US, Russia might send troops in US

    so the var can start in US

    i don't think that Russia have anything to do with Poland

    do Poland want to start a war with Russia?

    same thing happened in Ukraine before the war start.

  11. 38

    Okropny występ, Panie Prezydencie Duda. Zamiast odpowiadać na pytania pana Kilmeade'a, rozsiewał pan jedynie prowojenną i antyrosyjską propagandę. Ile razy w tym krótkim wywiadzie powiedział pan „rosyjski imperializm”? A czy pan zapomniał, że podczas II wojny światowej Ukraińcy zabili więcej Polaków niż Rosjanie? Ukraińcy w okropny sposób zabijali kobiety, dzieci i całą ludność cywilną. Niech pan skończy z propagandą i podżeganiem do wojny. Polska nigdy nie będzie Izraelem dla USA. Czynienie z Rosji wroga Polski jest złą polityką.

  12. 39

    Shameful performance, President Duda. Instead of answering Mr. Kilmeade's questions, all you did was spew pro-war, anti-Russia propaganda. How many times in this short interview did you say, "Russian imperialisms"? Also, did you forget that Ukrainians killed more Poles during World War II than did Russians? Ukrainians killed women, children, and all civilians in horrible ways. Stop with your propaganda and warmongering. Poland will never be Israel to the US. It is bad politics to make Russia the enemy of Poland.

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