Pentagon mocked for losing track of $80M fighter jet for 28 hours

‘Outnumbered’ discusses why it took the Pentagon 28 hours to find a missing F-35 fighter jet. #foxnews #outnumbered

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  1. 1
    Rae Namet

    From a retired Air Force Avionics Tech; how and why did the emergency transponder fail??? Are they no longer used??? they use to be standard and required equipment. If installed and functioning the plane wouldn't have been lost for long

  2. 7
    Olga Baranovskaya

    Why doesn't the Pentagon declare a Russian trace? This is amazing)) Petrov and Bashirov probably hacked the on-board computer of the fighter, recruited its AI, the plane threw out the pilot and flew to the Russian Federation)) This is a good version for US taxpayers and for allocating additional money from the budget in a war that is VERY far from state borders, but beneficial to weapons manufacturers)))

  3. 17
    Mark Ellis

    I am understanding the system went into auto pilot, it has happened when a civilian jet flew over 1,000 miles before it ran out of fuel.

  4. 26
    J.R. Chance

    When I was in my early 20s, i remember watching an F-15s two pilots ejecting from the plane. They pointed it to our local airport, the plane inverted and continued to fly there. My step dad and I jumped in the car as we were watching the Rio coming down in his parachute, he landed in a tree, God rest his soul, he was already dead as we helped the first responders cut him out of the tree.
    The pilot landed in the middle of main Street in El Cajon, walked into a bar and ordered a shot!
    After, we drove to the airport where the F-15 crashed into a hangar, where only one man was injured, losing a leg. The plane came from Miramar, back when the navy was still there, that was a crazy day and we will never forget!

  5. 32
    Dina Todorova

    This is hilarious 😂. The most modern fighter jet got lost???? If Pentagon lost it for 38 hours, I am sure China could have told the" specialists" in the Pentagon where it was??It is certainly most advanced technology 😂😂😂

  6. 34
    5 Star GM

    At least we know the stealth works. Joe Xiden and Hunter probably sold Communist China the fail code to our weaponry for a few dollars.

  7. 36
    John M

    The real question is what was the aircraft doing in those 28 hours that the Democrats don't want Americans to know about.

  8. 41

    Obviously Pentagon will analyze what happened. Let us have some patience. Biden administration has nothing to do with this. It so happened unfortunately and certain technical details can be confidential and might not be disclosed due to security reasons.

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