‘Outrageous’: Listen to Vivek Ramaswamy’s controversial position on immigration

Vivek Ramaswamy promotes two controversial policy ideas: stripping citizenship from and deporting people born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrant parents, and taking away voting rights from 18- to 24-year-olds unless they pass a civics test. “Decency seems to be in short supply these days, cruelty in abundance,” Eddie Glaude responds to Vivek Ramaswamy and Donald Trump’s 2024 immigration strategies. “What we’re experiencing right now is fear over demographic shifts. This is ‘the Great Replacement’….this is a part of that debate.”

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  1. 1

    Someone needs to tell Swarmy that we’ll use our 2nd Amendment rights to defend the 14th Amendment.

  2. 2
    Alden Carbos

    How about clinton who was impeached😂Obama who gave an entire air plane load of money to #1 terrorist Irans dictator. 911 that was created by Bushes c 4:15 crime family

  3. 10
    Jason Jefferson

    I don't trust the people Vivek you're immigrating into country. Do you plan on getting adopted money for your parents? The fund he's asking/getting is too much. Deport parents if over here now and start over. Recomeback to America test and paperwork. I'm voting no. Without prejudice judge. Go Sam Houston.

  4. 13

    these commentators are brain dead, without any listening skills. they can't even tell the difference between legal and illegal.

  5. 16
    Chingis Khan

    Some of the interviewees dont seem to understand that there is a difference between being an "American" and being a "non-American", and that it is any countries sovereign right to have borders and to determine its own immigration policy. They should also take note that unlike the countries where the majority of American immigrants come from, America is incredibly open to immigration. Try becoming a citizen of Mexico, China, India, Pakistan for example…

  6. 18
    Truth Talks - सच्ची बातें

    He's taken an anti ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT stance which I think every American citizen should have. I came to the US legally following a 2 years long VISA application process. It's abhorrent how the US government is squandering taxpayers' money on illegals. About $7,000 per day per illegal is what they are spending. Anyone who's breaking the law by coming into the country illegally is not really going to be a law-abiding citizen. Some of them are good people but illegal border crossing is not the way. That being said, the legal immigration process needs major reform. All lottery-based VISAS need to be gone. Maybe Vivek's administration can come up with a judicial process to grant citizenship to those illegals who have been working, paying taxes, and have not committed any crime (other than the border crossing).

  7. 21

    Big business is who wants immigrants in this country and politicians want new voters. Is this immigrant going to enforce immigration laws?

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