’None of this concerns you?’: Tapper presses Blinken on Musk blocking Ukraine’s Starlink access

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken if there should be repercussions after Elon Musk confirmed he blocked Ukraine’s access to his Starlink satellite network in Crimea last year in order to disrupt an attack on the Russian navy.

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  1. 5
    Kyle Meeuwsen

    Since when are the assets of private companies required to operate in the war efforts of other countries? Good work Jake. If only we had more Jake’s and less Elon’s, we could all be blaming each other over bullshit agendas instead of making technological progress.

  2. 13
    LiteStuff LLC

    Blinken supports neo Nazis in Ukraine. Anyone backing the illegal Ukrainian government is a criminal to start. One must recognize the Ukrainian nationalists overthrew by force the democratically elected Vanuchovych government, then initiated anti ethnic russian cleansing. So they are Neo Nazi's. Starlink was directed to obey US sanctions and not serve Russia including Crimea,so in reality it is his own criminal administration that was responsible. Secondly sanctions are not a declaration of war. Involvement in warfare directly by a US company would be an escallation. Russia has anti satellite capability; they could destroy the Starlink network.

  3. 16

    I’m thankful for Elon offering help to countries in need. I’m also thankful he acknowledges WW3 would be bad. This is hard to watch Jake Tapper.

  4. 19
    Jeremy Espinosa

    Elon answered this very well at the All-in Summit. Essentialy Ukraine was asking for immediate assistance on a Pearl Harbor level attack. A foreign government was trying to control a US company to assist with a major act of war. Had that request come from a US President he wouid have complied. The request did not come from our government.

  5. 23

    Why is the us suppose to help? No one ever helps the US. Maybe we need to stop helping everyone so then their misguided hate for americans could be slightly justified. Till then keep bitching while you benefit from all the inventions, products, and medicines that have come from the greatest country on earth.

  6. 29

    It IS open season all over the world. Look at Niger. They've even allied with two other Juntas.

    When even crummy countries are daring to def the law based order, you know it's open season.

  7. 32

    Musk and a few other foreigners were allowed into this country and they got rich doing so. Should the US Government not have a few safeguards against their potential mis-deeds? Blinken is doing one helluva good job. Musk should butt out of political affairs he has no business with. He’s starting to act like he came from the Trump-mold.

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