Nicolle: ‘Gap between Earth 1 and Earth 2 on full display’ as Garland defends DOJ in hearing

Former chief spokesman for the DOJ and former Senior Advisor to AG Garland Anthony Coley and former acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security at DOJ Mary McCord join Nicolle Wallace to discuss Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appearance in front of the House Judiciary Committee. 

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  1. 1
    Santos Lopez

    The calculated position Republicans take only shows that the everyday citizen is their enemy…. and they want more guns… it's them preparing to not take over land but US and Our U.S of A.
    No Republicans
    No Republicans
    No Republicans

  2. 2

    The GOP are a complete and utter disgrace who have NO IDEA what they propose when they come up with mind numbingly dumb ideas like "defund the FBI". They aren't even close to being a party willing to govern. They just want to rule. VOTE BLUE everywhere and always to save your democracy.

  3. 3
    CoyoteDKM II

    This is a classic example of what they call "insulting your intelligence". Why even bother telling us the obvious doesn't exist? Do you think that will magically make it not exist? That we are stupid enough your words magically change reality for us? What, exactly, do you think you will accomplish other than insult and drive the wedge in even farther?

  4. 4
    Tom So

    This C U L T can and will go more psycho !

    They are CAUGHT, and doubling down and going far-right IS THEIR ONLY MOVE NOW !

  5. 6
    D A

    What “reality” do you resonate with? Earth 1. Honesty. Decency.truth or earth 2. Faschole, christain nationalist, kkkultist magaTrash.?!?

  6. 7
    C&B Jones

    I'm betting that Jordan has pseudonyms galore as a member on most of those conspiracy forums. He's either feeding them, affirming them, getting fodder from them for his 'committee' – or all of the above.

  7. 11
    Steve Brooks

    The fact that republicans have nothing but blatantly false narratives to distract us from the reality that their glorious leader attempted to overturn the United States Constitution, and continues to do so, proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that they have no way to defend the indefensible. All they can do is to try and attack those who have the courage and integrity to point out the truth that is plain for all to see: Trump and his Republican followers are attempting to destroy our Republic and turn it into an authoritarian hellhole for anyone who believes in fairness, decency, truth, integrity, freedom from discrimination, bodily autonomy, the rule of law, and justice.

  8. 14
    Jeff Watkins

    The right wing fights to destroy America while the center and left battle to protect it. I know I'll always be on the side of American democracy, the rule of law, and truth. Ask yourself: who is trying to protect us. Support them against those trying to strip away our protections. VOTEBLUE ONCE MORE IN 2024!!! Defund the right wing.

  9. 15

    Imagine the explosion that would have occurred at any time during the 20th century if defunding the DOJ had occurred. This would be the crown jewel of legislative victories for corrupt Billionaires who already run rampant through of Republic.

  10. 18
    James L

    Republicans = everyone can have guns including teenagers and criminals and violent offenders
    Unless your name is Hunter Biden

  11. 23

    The problem is, Earth 2 is lying, putting out both misinformation and disinformation, for political reasons. They aren't interested in the truth, because it doesn't advance their political agenda. Luckily, most Americans live on Earth 1, and can tell the difference.

  12. 28

    Jim Jordan is an embarrassment to Ohio and I don't live that far from him either!! Stool pigeon for former president! C-span got the recording of today's travesty

  13. 29

    Not one of your better news hours. It was mostly rehashing WHAT is happening, without any important insight into the WHY. For example, simple saying that the public is losing trust and faith in law and order, in the FBI, in the DOJ — is not good enough. The fact and the implications are SO IMPORTANT that the REASONS for this loss of faith deserves to be stated. Otherwise, the uneducated or indifferent viewers will think "oh well, it's just the way it is. Both sides must share equal blame", which is obviously hogwash. The reason for the loss in faith is simply and unquestionably the lies spread by Trump and the "MAGA" politicians of the GOP.

    Bottom line, many of the "whats" are so important, they deserve a deeper dive.

  14. 31
    Mary Foster

    They respected the FBI when it was chasing down 'Hippies' and black people under J. Edgar Hoover. That stopped when they turned their attention to white homegrown terrorists.

  15. 32
    Russell Shute

    Professor DOJ makes a teaching moment.
    The number of lawyers indicted with Trump is the shame of Justice.

    Atheism doesn't explain anything, but the faithful don't have any standards for explanations.

    It cannot be moral or ethical to suggest there is a god.

    As if one should respect the suggestion, we all travel with one foot in fantasyland, using a fantasyland vocabulary.

    You know them by their works, so what does it tell you about those advocating prayer? Nothing fails like prayer in a children's hospital.

    Who advocates faith, when it is worthless if you can't move mountains using faith & verbal commands to landscape?

    What kind of person speaks of god as if we did not have a saying: God helps those helping themselves, because gods have a perfect record of doing nothing, outside of fiction.

    No wonder Feud wrote the antidote to Christianity is literacy.

Comments are closed.