Newsom is giving a pat on Xi’s back, a slap in the American public’s face: Lenzo #shorts

GOP strategist Krysia Lenzo reacts to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s meeting with Xi Jinping during his trip to China. #foxbusiness

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  1. 5
    Ryon Hayes

    Why do you people seem so shocked????? the Democrats tell us they're going to do this.
    You've heard them running around saying how elections shouldn't happen and they should be able to appoint their successors because just like everything else we can't be trusted to govern ourselves they're smarter than us they know what we need and they will stop at nothing to get it. You don't have elections in a socialist country you have a dictator and isn't that where the Democrats are taking us towards socialism and communism is it not?????

  2. 8

    remember when trump crossed into North Korea and all the Democrats to this day said he was aiding with communists, befriending communist leaders and making the U.S weak….well it's ok if Newsome blows China huh😂

  3. 10
    Julie Brubaker

    Did anyone see this greaseball falling down the steps of an airplane on the same trip he hurt and then spanked a child, and thought that was cool…

  4. 15
    wake up

    He's the governor of California what the hell is he doing??? Is he collecting for the big guy since he's kind of preoccupied at the moment,

  5. 16
    Yvonne Watson

    He takes after aunt nasty Nancy. Genetics always shows. They’re all thieves. He should be in prison for life after what he’s done to California.

  6. 18
    Elizabeth Blanche

    I keep saying what about us , our country is in need of all sources for us to survive, we need to create are own survivor it’s sounds not real, but we are going to have china ruling our country for sure .

  7. 20
    Stephen Smith

    Perfect example of a America under Newsom………just look at the cesspool he has in California. Over a 75,000 a year are moving out of California for the last 2 years!

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