NATO Secretary General stresses need for supporting Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joins Morning Joe to discuss continued support of Ukraine along with Sweden’s push to join NATO.

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NATO Secretary General stresses need for supporting Ukraine

#NATO #Ukraine #Sweden

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  1. 2
    Paula Itix

    Don't forget, Joe Biden didn't stand up to Putin at all! He showed zero confidence in ukraine and zero support! he even stated an incursion was acceptable! All while knowing months in advance of their plan to take all of ukraine! Joe Biden FAILED yet again! Exactly what we've come to expect from Joe Biden!!

  2. 3
    Dave Mulka

    msnbc, why are your hacks trying to report real news. This is wasting precious trump time and as you know nobody with any intelligence watches msnbc for real news. Leave the important stuff to the professionals. More trump !!!

  3. 11
    Richard Cuttler

    "money going to Ukraine"??……the money is going to US Military companies/ Arms dealers, which, because of the demand, have had to employ more Americans and those employees and the company will then pay tax in the US, and spend the money they make in the US etc, without the loses of any US lives. Seems like a "win, win" to me.

  4. 13

    Putin was afraid of what Trump would do if he invaded Ukraine so he waited until Biden was in the WH! The first month of his presidency in 2017 Trump sent 59 cruise missiles into a Syrian air base with Russian advisers on the ground to enforce Obama's red line about Assad gassing his own people! That told Putin Trump wasn't afraid to spill Russian blood! TRUMP DID THIS WHILE SITTING DOWN TO DINNER WITH CHINA'S XI AT MAR-A-LAGO IN FLORIDA! XI GOT THE MESSAGE TOO!

  5. 14

    Stoltenberg – one of the best politicians Europa ever has known.. Sad that he wants to leave NATO, but well deserved, the man served his country and NATO and his retirement is well-deserved.

    I feel sorry for him – NATO keeps asking him to carry on the torch, if anyone deserved retirement from politics it's Stoltenberg.

  6. 15

    "where is the accountability for the dollars we've spent"

    Always funny when racists and fascists in public state:"I'm too stupid to read documents how the Russian army, the 2nd strongest in the world, is being blown to pieces and torn apart by the Armed Forces of the Ukraine – because I lack education, I am illiterate and generally I was born low-IQ"

    That such people even get votes, says a lot about their voters, if the guys/women the voters vote for are officially in public making statements they have very low IQ, below 30, and incapable of reading – then how low and dumb must their voter base be?

  7. 21
    James Erb

    No more open wallet for Ukraine! Stop the unlimited flow of Americans tax dollars to support the never-ending war in Ukraine

  8. 24

    U.S has been pouring in tons of source's…come on people over there,you like rallies races((WTC)better start pushing russian back into their 💩hole…

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